My name is Rich Schuster, and I’ll be your host for this journey into the wide world of service ridiculousness. As you likely already know, if you’ve been in this field for more than a week, the HVAC universe doesn’t usually run as smoothly as a Swiss watch. No, I think that we often get the job done in spite of ourselves. I would say that to the insiders, we look more akin to cows turning grain into fertilizer. We’ll get the job done, but it won’t be pretty.

Hold on; don’t get all offended on me now. Of course I didn’t mean you, but you do know who I’m talking about. Remember last week when you saw “those guys” getting ready to install that condenser when it slipped off the hand truck in that lady’s backyard and rolled all the way down that hill? Or how about yesterday morning in the supply house when you saw that technician (and I do use that term loosely) trying to buy a replacement fan motor for that furnace; do you remember? The guy at the counter asked him how many horsepower the motor was, and he said “I dunno; it was small, maybe three or four”. These are your peers, my friends.

The way I see it, either someone needs to get to some training classes (and lots of them), or someone else will have to go into therapy. Until then, this is like service Purgatory.  So then, my plan is to report to you each week or so, on some incident in the field that may serve to highlight an area that could use some scrutiny and improvement. Well, actually…, who am I kidding, I’m just going to tell you about some Jamoke that did something stupid and hopefully get you to smile. So, I hope to see you again, and have a great day!