The NEWS tackled an interesting topic a few weeks ago: smoking policies for HVAC contractors. I can see why many companies have zero tolerance policies for smoking in place. It seems to me a bit hypocritical to preach about IAQ while trying to make a sale when the person pitching the product reeks of cigarettes. However, as long as the employee is performing his or her job well and not partaking of a nicotine fix inside a customer’s home or company vehicle, how can the employer control that behavior? While talking to a contractor about an upcoming safety article, he mentioned his technicians also smoke. They also drink a ridiculous amount of energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster. This contractor told me they are pretty unhealthy, in general. But he can’t force them to change. Maybe instead, there are ways contractors can offer incentives to employees to quit smoking and be healthier – possibly by offering reimbursement for smoking cessation products or a cash bonus for quitting. Does your company offer any kind of health incentive program? Tell us about it in the comments.