Seriously, what is the deal with all the bad how-to articles on the web these days? I frequently see an intriguing headline for an article that claims it will teach me how to do something I’m interested in learning. But, invariably, when I click on “How to train for a 10K” or “How to save money on vacation,” I’m disappointed by the lack of valuable information I find. The supposedly great how-to tips are frequently oversimplified and often filled with misinformation.

Just this week I came across an article that told me how to start my own HVAC company in seven easy steps. Yep, seven steps were all it was going to take me to become a pro business owner in the industry.

Step 1 told me to find out what HVAC certifications and licensing were required by my state. Then, for Step 2 I needed to come up with a business name and an eye-catching logo.

Whoa, wait a sec - what about vocational school and training? What about a step explaining how to actually gain the knowledge and skills necessary to repair and install HVAC systems?

And what about apprenticeship? Wouldn’t it be nice to learn from the experienced masters in the industry before going solo?

Shouldn’t any of this matter before I designed that sweet logo for Kimberly & Daughters Air Conditioning?

Well, not according to the so-called how-to article. Step 3 told me to purchase equipment, and Step 4 told me to create a price list for my services. By Step 6 I needed to start adding employees to handle my company’s increasing workload.

And, finally, Step 7 told me to focus on customer service and then sit back and watch my business flourish.

Give me a break.

Have you seen any articles like this out there? What’s the worst how-to article or tip you’ve seen related to HVAC?