Usually the biggest disaster one has to worry about on one’s wedding day is Uncle Al getting overserved and somehow ending up with the microphone and making a toast that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush.

For a couple in Brooklyn, the bigger problem was air conditioning. According to the New York Daily News, the newlyweds are suing their wedding location for not having working a/c on their big day.

It was reported the guests were soaked in sweat, and the couple sent the photographer home because everybody had “red and puffy faces.” They also went through 2,000 beverages in one hour … although that sounds like every wedding I have ever attended.

I understand this experience firsthand. A few years back, I got married on Aug. 16 (at least I think that was the date. I will need to check with the Old Lady.)

And while it was only Michigan, it was still summertime in a church without air conditioning. Apparently the Catholic Church does not have enough money to air condition all churches. If only a few extra nickels could be found at the Vatican.

Take a good look at my picture, and you can tell I am a take-two-shirts-to-the-gym sweater. So let me make a plea to all churches and anywhere else people get married. Please find a quality, NATE-certified technician to make sure these weddings are cool and go off without a hitch.

Then we can deal with Uncle Al hitting on that woman - who happens to be his third cousin.