CAREFREE, Ariz. — has announced the release of America's top 20 most-loved brands. John P. Hoeppner, president of NameQuest, noted, “Expenditures on advertising are not a determinant factor in terms of high ‘Loving The Brand’ preference scores.”

NameQuest’s brand preference ranking of the top 20 of the 130 most advertised brands includes:

1. Hersheys

2. Betty Crocker

3. Pillsbury

4. Kellogg's

5. M & M's

6. Kleenex

7. Nabisco

8. Clorox

9. Nestle

10. Coca Cola

11. Keebler

12. Windex

13. Campbell's

14. Oscar Mayer

15. Quaker

16. Kraft

17. Life Savers

18. Snickers

19. Sara Lee

20. General Mills

The primary objective of the NameQuest brand preference research was to measure consumers’ preference for selected brands based on factors that contribute to building consumer-brand relationships. In addition, the research examined the correlation between brand preference and advertising spending.

NameQuests' proprietary Preference Index suggests that factors such as trust, quality, and value are more potent than advertising spending in contributing to consumers’ brand preferences. NameQuest compared high and low spenders in seven brand categories with consumers' high and low brand preference scores and found there is no correlation between brand preference and advertising expenditures.

The list of 130 brands was tested via the NameQuest Online survey research tool. The brands researched were selected from Advertising Age's 2002 Exclusive Ranking of The Nation's (U.S.) Top Spenders and 100 Leading National Advertisers list. The sample size was 2,600.

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Publication date: 02/24/2003