( is a Web site dedicated to listing product recall information. The portal offers free e-mail newsletters to keep consumers up-to-date on product safety issues.

Its e-mail newsletter features include:

  • E-mail is sent once daily if new alerts have been issued that match your subscriber specifications.

  • Each e-mail contains a short summary of each of the new alerts. Each summary is accompanied by a hyperlink to a full article for more specific information.

  • Site articles contain information such as brand names, lot numbers or codes, potential severity, and contact information on each recall when available.

    Currently, SafetyAlerts has 16 main categories that are updated daily: Food, Toys, Drugs & Medicine, Clothing, Furniture, Child/Infant, Child Car Seats, Vitamins, Autos, Sports, Outdoor items, Appliances, Cosmetics/Hygiene, Electronics and Household items, and Food Allergy.

    Recall Sample
    Technuity, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind., recently announced the recall of its Energizer-brand Back-Up Power Supply Devices and offered the following information:

    Hazard: When used in conjunction with another power protection device, the power supply device can spark, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

    Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received 16 reports of units sparking or smoking, though no injuries or fires have been reported.

    Description: The recalled back-up power supply systems include the Energizer-brand UPS Model ER-PRO1000, which can be identified by a label on the back of the device. The black, breadbox like unit is about 14 inches deep, 6 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and weighs about 20 pounds. The words, ¿Energizer¿ and ¿¿ appear on the front of the unit. It is sold at Staples stores nationwide and sold the units for about $140. It is manufactured in China and 2,100 units have been sold.

    Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled back-up power supply devices immediately and contact the company for a free replacement unit and instructions on returning the recalled product.

    Publication date: 10/20/2003