NORCROSS, Ga. — Applied Energy Recovery Systems (AERS), manufacturer of commercial heat pump water heater systems, indoor pool heating/dehumidifying systems, dehumidification-only systems, and specialty air conditioning units, has launched a new Web site that provides product information for engineers and customers. The site,, features an “Energy Check” section, where current energy costs in select areas across the United States are displayed.

The company’s E-Tech product line includes WH and WW Series commercial heat pump water heater systems that are used in commercial laundries, hotel laundries and kitchens, hospital laundries and kitchens, large restaurants, apartments, condominiums, food processing, and select industrial operations.

AERS also manufactures E-Tech PhD and HDCP indoor pool heating/dehumidification systems for hotel pools, hospital/spa therapy pools, natatoriums, community indoor pools, and residential indoor pools.

For further information, contact sales@aeretech or call 770-734-9696, ext. 102.

Publication date: 05/19/2003