HONOLULU — At the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Annual Convention and Expo, Nevada Power Company and Invensys announced that they would conduct a three-phase marketing pilot of the GoodWatts™ energy management system in southern Nevada this summer and through 2004. The pilot will test the new system designed to reduce peak power demands for the benefit of homeowners and utilities.

The GoodWatts energy management system allows utilities to remotely control air conditioning systems and other high load appliances over a managed and secure IP network, says Invensys. Using a secure Internet site, homeowners can view their electricity consumption and control their in-house systems. Operating over an existing always-on connection — such as cable, DSL, or wireless — GoodWatts gives utilities and homeowners a tool to help manage energy consumption, the company says. As a result, the utility is able to reduce capacity requirements during peak periods when demands on the electrical grid are typically the highest.

The pilot, primarily focused in Las Vegas, will occur in three phases over the two years and will ultimately include more than 1,000 residences. The first phase this summer will include approximately 50 homes in the Las Vegas area. The companies want to learn how homes and homeowners will react to having the GoodWatts system in place and will use the initial findings to fine-tune the program.

The GoodWatts system works by shifting large household energy loads from peak to off-peak times of the day (when energy is usually less expensive for the utility to generate or purchase). The system gathers data on the real-time energy requirements of specific loads in each home. This information gives the utility the ability to control loads during peak periods in a cost effective way.

Walt Higgins, chairman and CEO of Sierra Pacific Resources, the parent company of Nevada Power Company, said, "The GoodWatts system is setting a new standard in residential energy management and as our community continues to grow, it is our responsibility to provide customers with a variety of choices in order to better manage their energy consumption. We are excited to test this new service and welcome the opportunity to bring the benefits of this new technology to Nevada homes."

"Invensys has been a long time leading manufacturer of HVAC controls, appliance controls, and environmental systems. With the GoodWatts system, we have leveraged that experience to create a system that interacts with points in the home, giving a new level of control to the homeowner," said Jim Devlin, president of Invensys Home Control Systems. "In addition, because the system measures loads and reductions in load with high accuracy, it is truly the first tool of its kind that works effectively for the utility. Invensys sees the GoodWatts system as an economically viable service that will be the first of many Invensys enabled services to be delivered to the home over an always-on connection."

For more information, visit www.invensys.com.

Publication date: 06/02/2003