ARVADA, Colo. — Idalex Technologies, a research and development company, has discovered a new thermodynamic cycle that captures significant amounts of energy from the atmosphere, says the company. The Maisotsenko Cycle takes it name from one of the firm’s founders, Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko.

The Maisotsenko Cycle captures energy from the atmosphere using the latent heat of evaporation through a unique heat and mass exchanger, the company says. Using one apparatus, the exchanger can cool any fluid to within a few degrees of the dewpoint temperature of ambient air. In addition, no moisture is added to the cooled fluid, says the company. Previously, this was thought to be thermodynamically impossible.

This new cycle, which works both above and below atmospheric temperature and pressure, can significantly improve any process that needs fluid cooling and/or saturated air, states the company. Applications include combustion and steam cycles, comfort cooling, cooling towers, and fuel cells.

Idalex has used the Maisotsenko cooling cycle to create a heat and mass exchanger for comfort cooling, which is called the Coolerado Cooler. The Coolerado Cooler is said to have a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of 40, more than tripling existing commercial cooling system efficiencies. A government testing agency has verified the unit's efficiency and near dewpoint delivery of cool air, the company says.

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Publication date: 05/19/2003