Bosch Tools has two tools designed to make everyday work tasks easier, safer, and more efficient. The products are the Litheonâ„¢ 10.8 V I-Driver (PS10) and the RZ18V 18 V Cordless RotoZip spiral saw. The I-Driver is a professional cordless ultra-compact drill/driver with a five-position, 90-degree articulating head to access the tightest workspaces and accomplish the majority of everyday drill/driving tasks. According to Bosch, it has the "best power-to-weight ratio with unmatched versatility and the I-Driver is the perfect complement to larger drill/drivers for carpenters, electricians, HVAC contractors, plumbers, and more." The I-Driver is powered by Litheon, the industry's most advanced lithium-ion battery technology. The RotoZip cuts out drywall, countertops, and wall tile; cuts off floor tile, metal stock, pipe, and ductwork; grinds metal and removes rust/paint for smaller sized jobs. A cordless RotoZip means no more cords to pull up ladders or to become snagged across the jobsite.

eProduct 160

CopyRider offers Multiple Image/Multiple Language Mobile Marketing for service trucks. The scrolling message system sends messages that are easily viewed and can be constantly changed. The benefits of CopyRider usage are researched and documented. According to the company, in use with fleets from pest control to plumbing and utilities, the CopyRider Marketing System builds a service business for long-term success. The system crafts positive name recognition, builds community identity and awareness, creates interest in your company, provides great customer impressions, is an outstanding customer relation tool, and "makes you memorable," according to the company.

eProduct 161

Ford E-Series products offer the functionality, versatility, and value to help get the job done right. From cargo vans with no-charge interior packages to cutaway service body trucks and a selection of tough powertrains, Ford has just the truck for any service business. Ford's slogan is "Think of it as your biggest ‘tool box' - it's Built Ford Tough." E-Series features include: modular components for flexible layouts; mix or match deep or shallow drawer units with the added security of doors that are latchable or lockable; and adjustable shelving that can be customized without removing it from the vehicle. Dividers can be added to the shelves for additional organizational power. Shelves have the same weight-bearing capacity as metal rack shelving, but weigh less.

eProduct 162

H&H Sales Co. Inc. is offering three models of the new Knapheide KUV® Series Service Bodies. This offering is made in cooperation with Knapheide and Ford Commercial Pool, for Ford's E-Series utility vans. Bodies are available for Ford's SRW E350, DRW E350, and DRW E450 models, and come installed on the van chassis as a unit. It has more interior space, plus easy-to-get-to outside storage compartments. Two unique features of the KUV Series bodies include Knapheide's exclusive five-year warranty and K-Coat (complete immersion electrocoat priming for superior rust resistance). The actual body shell is constructed from rugged, 14-gauge, two-sided A-40 galvanized steel, and the hat section from double-panel, 20-gauge two-sided A-40 galvanized steel. Exclusive return flange floor design provides support for side compartments and adds floor strength, while reinforced doors add durability and long life. Other features include rotary door locks, stainless steel (pry proof) door hinges, automotive door seals, double spring door retainers, master locking system, rear access conduit chutes on both sides, and flat advertising panels.

eProduct 163

JB Industries introduced the DM2 digital manifold, which the company describes as "the most intelligent manifold in the market." The manifold measures superheat, subcooling, temperature, and pressure; reads high, low, and average instantly; uses the capabilities of any standard manifold; displays and toggles between 32 different refrigerants; and has two temperature sensors that measure temperature drop across a cooling coil. It autocalibrates pressure to zero at start-up. This manifold, manufactured in the United States, has gauges that are pulsation proof and accurate up to 16,000 feet. The heavy-duty aluminum body features a sight glass and replaceable intake/hose holder fittings. It also has a full flow design for faster evacuation and charging. There is no need for an instruction manual. The instructions are located next to the buttons to remind the contractor of all the options at the user's fingertips.

eProduct 164

Knaack Manufacturing Co. introduced its new Weather Guard® low-profile aluminum truck boxes (Models 121 and 131) that provide contractors with greater visibility through the rear window especially for newer pickup truck designs that feature higher bed rails. The low-profile truck boxes have been specifically designed for extra strength and durability to meet the needs of professional contractors. Available in four SKUs and designed to fit most full and compact pickups, the low-profile saddle boxes suspend across the side rails of a pickup truck, allowing plenty of room underneath. They also feature a single cover style designed to provide easier access to all tools and accessories. The low-profile truck boxes come in a choice of full size and compact, and either clear or black Armor-Tuf powder coat finish to maintain a new appearance for years.

eProduct 165

LadderPort is a permanent building mounted ladder receiver that increases ladder safety while reducing the risk of injury or death. The receiver mounts to almost any commercial/industrial building holding an extension ladder safely in place. The hooks grab the rungs of the ladder preventing them from slipping backward, while the side plates keep the ladder from sliding sideways. The three LadderPort models, (Standard, Gutter, and Adjustable) permit the user to walk safely through the grab bars instead of around the ladder. This feature meets OSHA Rule R406.10357 requirements. LadderPort is cost effective, safer, and more comfortable to use than a vertical ladder, according to the company. It also reduces the chance of unwanted visitors on the roof.

eProduct 166

Leica Geosystems launched the sixth generation of hand-held laser distance meters. The Leica Disto™ represents a huge step forward in many dimensions and again offers significant additional customer benefits. Features include: revolutionary size, cutting-edge functionality, ease of use, outstanding ergonomics, appealing design, and superior measuring performance in terms of reflectorless range, accuracy, speed, and reliability. The company calls the A5 model, the most versatile. According to the company, "Its superior design with an innovative soft grip component, the built-in telescopic viewer, the numerous beneficial functions, and the reliable measuring performance make the Leica Disto™ A5 the first choice for every measuring scenario – regardless whether it is indoors or outdoors."

eProduct 167

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. introduced a breakthrough in lithium-ion technology for the cordless power tool market - the V18™ system, a new line of power tools and 18 V batteries that can provide a lithium-ion power upgrade to existing Milwaukee 18 V NiCad tools. New tools in the V18 system include a completely redesigned ½" driver-drill, a ½" hammer-drill, 6 ½" circular saw, 6 7/ 8" metal cutting circular saw, ½" impact wrench, Sawzall® reciprocating saw, job site radio, and work light that have been optimized to take advantage of V18 technology. Milwaukee has also developed a new charger that fully charges both its lithium-ion batteries (60 minutes) and NiCad batteries (40 minutes). The charger features a high visibility 360-degree LED progressive charge feature that displays the real-time status of the battery pack as it charges. Rubberized feet keep the charger in place on slick surfaces and extended sides to prevent the charger from tipping while the pack is charging.

eProduct 168

Pro-Lift is a battery operated lifting and transport tool used primarily for the installation of packaged air conditioning units on commercial rooftops. It is designed to save money associated with the high costs of large cranes and helicopters. When in use, a single lift is positioned on each side of a unit and centered between the forklift slots in the factory forklift rails. As the unit is raised, the bottom hooks hold the lifting bar into place. The unit is moved over the curb and lowered without obstruction. The main load is carried on two 9.5 inch pneumatic tires with four spring-loaded caster wheels. Weighing approximately 110 pounds apiece, the lifts utilize 12 V 12.5 A hour rechargeable batteries.

eProduct 169

Rand McNally introduces Rand McNally Mobile Navigator (MONA), a mobile phone-based navigation system that puts reliable directions at the fingertips of busy HVAC and plumbing professionals. A downloadable application with a monthly fee of $9.99, MONA allows mobile HVAC and plumbing professionals to navigate around their scheduled job trips and business stops, as well as find unfamiliar locations, quickly and reliably. Clear voice prompts guide drivers turn-by-turn driving directions to specified destinations. MONA also automatically alerts and reroutes drivers who make an incorrect turn.

eProduct 170

Reading Truck Body introduced its 2007 Classic II and its Lo-Pro Ready Van. The Classic II features heavy duty hidden door hinges with overlapping door construction, which is a patented feature only Reading can offer. Another patented feature is a galvannealed pressed diamond floor plate and tailgate inner panel, which presents a rugged diamond panel surface, providing traction in the cargo area and on the heavy-duty tailgate. The new rubber door seals utilize EPDM neoprene solid rubber, which is more durable and tear-resistant than closed cell foam. The doors also feature adjustable gas prop brackets, which allow adjustment of the door-opening angle. In addition, lock striker reinforcement provides a wider range of adjustment for the door fit. The 2007 Classic II has an audible alarm system with Reading's industry-exclusive Latch-Matic wireless locking system.

eProduct 171

Ridgid® introduced a new 14.4 V impact driver (Model R82320) designed to handle the tough jobsite requirements of professionals. The 14.4 V impact driver features a high torque motor and special gearbox design to ensure the professional has the power and torque to complete any fastening task. It also has a die cast gearbox to handle jobsite conditions and run dependably every day. The impact driver's compact size allows it to operate in close quarters, making all types of installation work easier, especially mechanical and electrical installations, according to the company. The R82320 features a variable speed-reversing switch, enabling the user to start slow and finish fast. The ¼" quick coupler reduces the time and hassle of bit changes and lets the professional contractor work uninterrupted.

eProduct 172

Streamlight®, a manufacturer of flashlights for the industrial market, has introduced the new SL-20X® LED, featuring Streamlight's patented dual incandescent/LED technology. The SL-20X® LED provides both power and longevity for a wide variety of uses in the HVACR service trade, permitting users to select the in-candescent mode high-intensity light when needed, and the LED mode when the flashlight will be used for an extended period of time. And with its nickel-cadmium battery that is rechargeable up to 1,000 times on 100 V, 120 V, 230 V, 240 vac, as well as 12 vdc power, the light can always be at the ready on technicians' trucks. The light integrates a 10 W, 6 V halogen bulb with three high-intensity white LEDS into a single high-performance reflector until that maximizes the brightness and beam pattern of both types of light. The latest addition to Streamlight's SL series of full size, professional grade, rechargeable flashlights, the light permits industrial users to select the light intensity and run time that best fits the task at hand - the incandescent mode when high-intensity light is needed, and the LED mode for extended use.

eProduct 173

Supreme has redesigned its Spartan service van for HVAC contractors who "drive their office to work each day." The Spartan is designed for use by independent contractors and service professionals. It features numerous compartments and shelves, plus a large cargo area for transporting tools, products, and equipment of all sizes. The Spartan's enhanced interior includes a redesigned wiring harness to reduce clutter, an optional shelf trim package and galvanized steel materials, all helping to project a clean, professional image. It also offers interior lengths of 10, 12, and 14 feet. Combined with 49 inches between compartments, there is lots of storage space for all materials. Because it's enclosed, the interior provides a weather-resistant and secure onsite workspace.

eProduct 174

Tradeworx Products introduced its new lifting system designed to save time and effort for trade professionals. The system involves attaching lift adapters to multiple loads on the ground. When the user is safely in position, he or she then lowers the lift line into the adapter to lift the load securely and safely. When the job is complete, the user reverses the process. It can be used with several loads. The Liftworx system cuts time on the job and pays for itself in just a few lifts.

eProduct 175

Workhorse Custom Chassis has entered a new market with the introduction of a 16,000 pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) version of its new W42 chassis. The platform is now available with either a diesel or gas engine for companies using walk-in trucks in the contracting and service professions. The diesel platform is powered by the International® VT 275 V-6 engine coupled to an Allison LCT-1000 electronic five-speed transmission, while the gas version boasts the 6.0L GM Vortec™ 6000 coupled to GM's 4L80-E Hydromatic electronic transmission with overdrive. The chassis has wheelbases of 125, 133, 157, 178 and 190 inches. Workhorse Custom Chassis is ISO 9001 certified and a leader in the manufacturing of chassis for walk-in trucks, motor homes and buses. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Truck and Engine Corp.

eProduct 176

Publication date: 07/31/2006