A.R.E. announced the availability of its Deluxe Commercial Unit (DCU) for the 2007 Toyota Tundra. The DCU is available in four height configurations - 23 inches, 26 inches, 29 inches, and 36 inches and can be customized for most service trucks. Options include roof racks, various toolbox configurations, a selection of window and door sizes and a polyester fabric liner designed to prevent condensation from collecting on the interior of the cap.

eProduct 161


C&C Holdings introduced the Attachet, a hitch-mounted platform that inserts directly into a Class I or Class II type hitch and instantly provides an adjustable work surface that can hold equipment such as saws, vises, grinders, sanders, surveyor equipment, field computers and more. Attachet does not interfere with the independent raising or lowering of the truck tailgate.

eProduct 162


Commerciant LP offers wireless, handheld payment processing technology called the Mobilescape® solution, which the company said is the market’s only handheld, wireless payment solution that converts paper checks to electronic transactions and processes credit cards, all with one easy swipe. Swiping a credit card instead of calling the number into the office is faster, more secure, and can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in credit card processing fees.

eProduct 163


Downey Products tonneau covers can be used to cover the bed of any work truck. The company’s aluminum-framed soft tonneaus are durable, provide easy access and offer an extra measure of security. The company’s flagship product is the Downey SST™ (Slant Side), available for long- and short-bed, import and domestic pickups from 1973 through the present.

eProduct 164


Firestone Industrial Products manufactures the versatile Inflation Station portable air compressors, which are available in two models and are designed to instantly supply up to 150 psi. Both Inflation Station kits - #9289 and #9290 - include a heavy duty 150 psi air compressor, a 12-foot power cable with brass alligator clips, a 25-foot coiled air hose, tire inflator tool with gauge, two blower nozzles, a needle valve tool and an extra heavy duty canvas carrier.

eProduct 165


Ford Motor Co. said its 2008 E-Series Cargo Vans are scheduled to hit dealer lots at the end of August. The 2008 E-Series has improved in the areas of capability, durability, and versatility, and features an all-new brake system with larger brakes and new pad material designed to improve stopping distances and lengthen pad life. A standard tire pressure monitoring system and optional double-locking E-Guard Cargo Protection System™ provide extra safety and security for cargo.

eProduct 166


Garvin Industries announced its partnership with Dubble D Products, Inc., in the manufacture and distribution of the Hook-N-Ladder tool caddy. The Hook-N-Ladder transforms any ladder into a safe workstation while lightening your tool belt. It keeps the climbing path free and saves time by having the most-needed tools at your fingertips. Designed for commercial and residential use, the Hook-N-Ladder’s quick clip grip works on any fiberglass ladder.

eProduct 167


H&H Sales Co. offers three models of the Knapheide KUV® Series Service Bodies for Ford’s popular E-Series utility vans. Bodies are available for Ford’s SRW E350, DRW E350, and DRW E450 models, and come installed on the van chassis as a unit. Two features of the KUV Series bodies include Knapheide’s exclusive five-year warranty and K-Coat, a complete immersion electrocoat priming for superior rust resistance.

eProduct 168


Ideal Industries Inc. announced it has enhanced its classic WireMan™ Cutting Pliers to feature the company’s patented SmartGrip™ ergonomic, slip-resistant handle, resulting in improved tool safety, productivity, and comfort for the professional electrician. SmartGrip eliminates the fatigue conventional tools place on the user’s fingers, wrist, and forearm. Re-engineered WireMan pliers feature sharp, knife-to-knife precision blades that provide control and strength when cutting a variety of wire types.

eProduct 169


Isuzu Truck’s N-Series, which is new for 2008, features a number of improvements specifically focused on increasing driver comfort, which results in increased driver productivity. In addition to being more comfortable and more convenient, the all-new cab is built to last a long time, with greater rust and corrosion protection from the galvanized steel panels to the electro deposit paint primer and high-quality enamel paint top coat.

eProduct 170


Klein Tools has released six commemorative Journeyman™ hand tools that feature the company’s 150th anniversary logo. The six tools with the specially lasered anniversary emblem include side cutting pliers, long nose pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, crimper, pump pliers, and cable cutter. Each of the tools has been repackaged in special 150th anniversary packaging to commemorate the milestone.

eProduct 171


LadderTech L.L.C. announced the release of its Cranky truck mount assembly for use with the Cranky portable winch system. The assembly mounts to a receiver on the truck, thus saving the cost of a second technician and reducing the chance of injury when lifting objects in and out of a truck. The truck mount assembly is a post that fits into a standard 2-inch Reese-type receiver, and the Cranky slips over the post and is used to lift heavy items on and off of the truck.

eProduct 172


Let’s Go Aero announced the availability of the GearDeck 17™ system, a highly adaptable, economical solution to gear management. GearDeck is a hitch-mounted, modular system that offers unprecedented versatility as an enclosed and securable hauler (GearDeck 17), an open platform cargo carrier (GearDeck™), or a hitch rack (TwinTube™). The three-part system allows owners to add or remove components to create the carrier structure of their choice for supporting a wide range of cargo.

eProduct 173


Metabo Corp. has made its four-piece, 18-V cordless combination kit available with lithium-ion batteries. The kit includes a drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and flashlight. Using Metabo’s LI-Power lithium-ion battery technology, these tools are lighter and run longer than with traditional NiCad batteries. The lithium-ion batteries use a patented air-cooled battery-charging system that results in 30 percent faster charging and an increased service life of up to 1,500 charges.

eProduct 174


Networkcar’s Networkfleet provides both GPS tracking and patented diagnostic benefits that are affordable for any service fleet. The GPS technology provides an immediate return on investment for the operations side of a business by increasing efficiency, reducing overtime costs, and increasing revenue. Fleet managers can benefit from Networkfleet’s remote diagnostic capabilities by achieving reductions in fuel costs and overall mileage.

eProduct 175


Ridgid has expanded its product offering for plastic pipe-specific tools with the new PC-1375 plastic tubing cutter. The PC-1375 is a professional-quality, large-capacity cutter that requires no twisting or ratcheting to cut through plastic pipe or tubing. It is the latest product in the tubing cutter line to use X-CEL™ features to reduce cut speed. Designed for the professional user, the PC-1375 has extra large 1/8 - to 1-3/8-inch O.D. capacity.

eProduct 176


Rostra Precision Controls Inc. now offers its RearSight® backup camera system for the 2006 Dodge Sprinter Van. RearSight provides drivers with a 150-degree wide-angle view from the rear of the vehicle to help the driver avoid objects in the vehicle’s blind spots and identify items that are much closer to the ground than an ultrasonic product can detect.

eProduct 177


SC Products Inc. featured its JugLugger™ Carrying Device, a tool designed to help service technicians carry small cylinders and other heavy gear. It is tough, lightweight, and connects quickly to refrigerant, reclaim, and European approved cylinders. Features include a high-strength adjustable strap, steel connection clips rated at 350 pounds, and a foam shoulder pad made of heavy-duty nylon and rubberized anti-slip fabric to keep the load firmly in place.

eProduct 178


SPAL USA is featuring its WSS Remote Magnetic Alarm Sensor that allows owners to build their own custom security systems. The WSS is an RF (radio frequency) transmitter that communicates with SPAL USA’s AS-80 alarm system. When triggered, it sends a signal to the AS-80 unit, activating an audible alarm. Up to 30 WSS transmitters can be coded to a single AS-80 unit. The transmitters have an operational range of up to 100 feet.

eProduct 179


Sunpro has introduced a Turbo Diesel gauge set that enables diesel pickup owners to keep an eye on their trucks’ critical systems. The gauge pack includes three Sport ST™ performance meters - exhaust gas temperature, transmission fluid temperature, and boost (0-60 psi) - and a trim-to-fit universal triple gauge pod to mount them in. Sunpro Sport ST gauges feature an attractive black dial face and illuminated pointer for easy viewing, as well as through-the-dial for enhanced night visibility.

eProduct 180


Teletrac FleetDirector® is an integrated, high-performance, automated vehicle location, total fleet management software and wireless two-way communication system. FleetDirector allows business owners to gain tighter control of labor costs, utilize more efficient routing to reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall productivity. Location data and other recorded vehicle information such as speed, engine start and stop times, stationary times, and time sheet logs are stored for use in a wide range of fleet management reports.

eProduct 181


Tools That Rock offers the Rock Unroller™ tube uncoiler, which makes PEX tubing installation easier than ever. The heavy-duty steel uncoiler is self-contained and portable, uncoiling up to 1,000-foot rolls of PEX tubing and fitting conveniently into a handled storage case. Wheels are available, and the product is covered by a lifetime warranty.

eProduct 182


TracRac is an easy, sturdy, and versatile ladder rack that can carry any type of cargo or freight. The overhead racks are completely adjustable - keep them apart for long loads, slide them together for the short stuff, or even pull them off when the work’s done. An innovative base rail system has special channels that the overhead racks fit into. Once in the grooves, the racks slide back and forth to suit any need.

eProduct 183


Valley Industries has introduced a Class V receiver hitch rated for 12,000 pounds weight carrying and 15,000 pounds weight distributing capacity. Featuring all-steel construction and a 2-1/2-inch receiver opening, the new hitch combines state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing technology to ensure the best design to maximize towing capacity, while making the hitch easy to install. The finish, a powder-coated polyester black paint, is corrosion resistant.

eProduct 184


Vericom Technologies’ fleet management systems use a comprehensive and scalable data platform that combines GPS, wireless communications, and the Internet. Data gathered from vehicle and driver activity is then wirelessly transmitted and translated into an Internet-accessible, easy-to-use reporting system. Customers utilize a wide-range of tools, including activity work flow, mapping, and event- and exception-based reports. These reports and tools are easily analyzed and can lead to decreased costs and improved efficiencies.

eProduct 185


Weather Guard Van Solutions has announced new products created specifically for the new 2007 Dodge and Freightliner Sprinter vans. A new bulkhead designed for the 2007 Sprinter van separates the driver compartment from the cargo area. The new screen bulkhead can be converted into a swing door bulkhead using a new hinge kit, and is made from 16-gauge steel for durability, security, and safety, and fits either standard or high-roof Sprinter vans.

eProduct 186


Wise Industries Inc. offers the BedRug® bedliner, which is constructed from rugged polypropylene fiber bonded to water-resistant, closed-cell polypropylene foam. The result is a tough and durable liner that stands up to abuse without damaging the pickup bed. BedRug bedliners, die-cut and molded to form an original equipment fit in the bed area, are available for virtually all Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan pickups.

eProduct 187

Publication date:07/30/2007