Biltwel Boss Series II duct truck utilizes a top-mount dirt box and compressor-forward design to provide the maximum storage space in every compartment. The truck features a hose storage compartment that is 7 feet deep, 41 inches high, and 7 feet wide. It provides 12, 500 cfm (suction) and 15.5 static pressure (lift) certified with bags on give you a high production capability. Bodies are manufactured out of satin coat galvanized steel for long lasting durability. High-pressure compressed air is available on all models. The duct truck generates its own power on the job (no electrical breakers to worry about). Five days of free training are provided with equipment sold.

eProduct #201

CopyRider is a turnkey system that includes ad creation, production, and printing specific to each client. The weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly updating ensures that messages are never stale or out-of-date. The CopyRider lettering is easy-on/easy-off, lightweight, and features Soft-Glo© backlighting. It mounts to any type of vehicle: vans, cube trucks with side-by-side or roll-up doors, and Sprinters.

eProduct #202

Highway Products
The design of the new Gorilla Slide from Highway Products provides a faster and easier way to load and unload heavy items in work vehicles. It diminishes the possibility of physical injury. The heavy-duty slide glides on sealed roller bearings on a galvanized steel track system and can be safely locked and fixed in place in 10-inch increments. The Gorilla Slide is made of heavy-gauge 1/8-inch aluminum and is rated to handle 1,200 pounds evenly distributed. It provides secure, easy access to heavy items transported in pickup trucks, vans, service bodies, motor homes, and fifth wheel trailers. Installation kit and instructions are included. The slide is made in the United States and comes with a five-year guarantee.

eProduct #203

Knaack Manufacturing
Knaack Manufacturing Co. is introducing its revolutionary Weather Guard® Vehicle Solutions™ software that assists end users and vehicle upfitters to interactively de-sign van storage solutions. The Web-based software tool allows users to custom-design work vans with shelving, cabinets, racks, and accessories. The 3-D software produces simple-to-use interactive graphics to help the user visualize the design prior to purchase. Design revisions are quick and easy, and once the van design is finalized, the end user can print the design drawing and the corresponding list of materials needed. The software simplifies and accelerates all elements of the design process. Because of the logic embedded in the software, the program will not allow the user to configure the van design with products that are inappropriate for a particular vehicle model, thus eliminating costly errors.

eProduct #204

H&H Sales Company Inc. is now offering three models of the new Knapheide KUV® Series service bodies. This offering is made in cooperation with Knapheide and Ford Commercial Pool, for Ford's popular E-Series utility vans. Bodies are available for Ford's SRW E350, DRW E350, and DRW E450 models, and come installed on the van chassis as a unit. Two unique features of the KUV Series bodies include Knapheide's exclusive five-year warranty and K-Coat (complete immersion electrocoat priming for superior rust resistance). The body shell is constructed from rugged 14-gauge, two-sided, A-40 galvanized steel, and the hat section from double-panel, 20-gauge, two-sided A-40 galvanized steel. Exclusive "return flange" floor design provides support for side compartments and adds floor strength, while reinforced doors are designed to add durability. eProduct #205

M.K. Morse Co.
The M.K. Morse Company introduced its new series of titanium-nitride coated step drills. The super-hard titanium-nitride surface treatment reduces friction and increases drill life, up to six times over uncoated step drills, according to the company. All step drills have three flats ground on the shank, preventing the drill from slipping in the drill chuck. The balanced double flute provides two cutting edges for faster and easier cutting in virtually any soft or hard material. Titanium-nitride coated step drills are available with 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch shanks.

eProduct #206

Reading Truck Body
In celebration of the company's 50th anniversary, Reading Truck Body announced its new C2-50, an options package that emphasizes convenience and durability and is to be used in conjunction with Reading's Classic II™ service body. The focal point of the C2-50 is Reading's exclusive Latch-Matic® remote, wireless locking system. The Latch-Matic allows the user to simultaneously lock (or unlock) all of the compartment doors from up to 25 feet away. The locks are equipped with cylinders to permit the locking and unlocking of individual compartments by using a key. Reading's compartment lighting system works in conjunction with the Latch-Matic system and is automatically activated with the Latch-Matic controller. The lights turn off when the body is locked or after 10 minutes. The new Extend-A-Shelf™ from Reading is a 250-pound-capacity ball bearing shelf unit. This unit makes getting to equipment easier with three easy-opening drawers. The C2-50 also features aluminum treadplate on top of the tailgate and a polished stainless steel tailgate handle.

eProduct #207

Ready Products
Ready Products announces a new line of self-storing Ready Tools including the Retract-A-Bitâ„¢ screwdriver in standard, mini, and hex-head configurations, and the Ready Ratchet in 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch standard or metric configurations. All bits, sockets, and other components are stored in the unit's handle. The Retract-A-Bit Screwdriver System features bits that can be changed with the push of a button. Because the bits are integral to the screwdriver, they can never be lost. Simply select the desired bit and slide its button into place; a locking collar ensures its stability during use. To change bits, depress the collar, and retract the bit into the handle.

eProduct #208

The new 12-volt Right-Angled Impact Driver (R82233) from Ridgid® is designed to deliver versatility and high torque. Equipped with a high-torque motor (2,150 rpm) and a die-cast gearbox, the R82233 offers more than 650 inch-pounds of torque. With its compact, right-angled head, the R82233 allows high torque to be applied in hard-to-reach spaces where human force is awkward to apply. This ability to operate in close quarters will make all types of installation work easier, especially mechanical and electrical installations. The R82233 features a variable-speed reversing switch to enable the user to have more control over the screw start and then drive it home at a faster rate. The 1/4-inch quick coupler reduces the time and hassle of bit changes and lets the professional contractor work with minimal interruption.

eProduct #209

SOG Trident
The SOG Trident blade uses a patent-pending Arc-Actuatorâ„¢, which makes the lock stronger and the release easier. There is also a built-in safety to lock the blade closed. When it shows red, you are ready to go. What also makes the Trident unique is the patented Grooveâ„¢ in the handle, which allows the operator to cut paracord, fishing line, etc., without having to open the blade. A whole new tactile handle concept called Digi-Gripâ„¢ creates a coarser grip in areas that require it. Aggressive touch point scallops on the key areas of the perimeter complete the look.

eProduct #210

Supreme Corp.
Supreme Corp. announced the launch of its latest Spartan Service Van, which boasts many improvements and all-new features de-signed to help owners work more efficiently and conveniently. Among the new-and-improved features include durable, single-wall construction for larger compartments and as much as 22 percent more total cargo space; redesigned compartments for greater durability; new hardware for easier opening and closing of compartment doors; enhanced appearance throughout; fold-down, horizontal workbench door that creates more workspace; and a redesigned rear-access ladder to allow back doors to open more fully. Spartan still features durable construction from Supreme's own fiberglass reinforced plywood (FRP) - which keeps the service van light while allowing for greater payload capacity than traditional steel utility vans. The interior is spacious enough that contractors can work comfortably while standing upright, according to the company.

eProduct #211

Publication date: 08/01/2005