The 2.0-MBtuh gas-fired Benchmark stainless steel condensing boiler is designed to reduce overall project costs and simplify venting while delivering energy efficiency, quiet acoustics, and lower operating costs, the company says. Featuring dual-fuel capability and a modulating burner with 20:1 turndown for 98-percent thermal efficiency, the Benchmark is ideal for commercial hydronic heating applications, the company says, especially those using cooler water temperatures.

eProduct #200

Bradford White
The company offers its PowerStor Series™ single-wall and stainless steel (SS) indirect water heaters, which are universal boiler mates. They provide an "unprecedented volume" of hot water and are built for reliable service, efficient operation, and high hot water deliverability, the company says. They feature a "super-efficient" heat exchanger with a carbon steel, Vitraglas®-coated coil for the single-wall model and a stainless steel coil for the PowerStor SS. The series is available in sizes ranging from 30 gallons (residential) to 120 gallons (commercial). All single-wall and SS residential indirect water heaters in the series offer a limited lifetime tank and heat exchanger warranty.

eProduct #201

Burnham Hydronics
The Revolution® II cast iron boiler is designed for easy installation in condensing and non-condensing applications and features annual fuel utilization efficiencies of over 90 percent, the company says. Using a stainless steel heat recovery unit, system water is recirculated through a coiled heat ex-changer and reheated, extracting heat from the gases before they leave the home. The secondary heat exchanger, combined with a diamond pin configuration on the left-end cast iron section, makes the system even more efficient, the company says. The unit is prepiped with a primary/secondary loop to save time and simplify installation, states the manufacturer.

eProduct #202

Detroit Radiant Products
The HL2 Series low-intensity infrared tube heaters feature two-stage technology, coated aluminized steel radiant tubes, polished aluminum reflectors, self-diagnostic controls, and 24-V thermostat operation. While priced slightly higher than the DX2 Series Heater, the HL2's ability to provide a minimum of 12-percent fuel savings over single-stage heaters can return the difference in cost in as little as one season, the company says. Upgrades include a stainless steel option for harsh and outdoor environments. The interlocking swaged tube design, standard on all of the company's low-intensity tube heaters, is designed to help save contractors labor time and installation costs, the company says.

eProduct #203

ECR International
The Empire Steam II boiler delivers high efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance for homes requiring oil-fired heat, the company says, particularly for replacement applications. With efficiencies up to 84-percent AFUE, this oil-fired steam boiler offers increased energy savings. A cast iron swing door allows for easier inspection of the oil burner and combustion area, while extra-large flue ways allow for cleaning and setups, the company says. The Empire Steam II is designed to accommodate manufacturer-approved oil burners from Beckett, Carlin, and Riello. An integral skim tapping with a prethreaded outlet aids skimming of the boiler water. A tankless hot water coil is optional. Each Empire Steam II boiler is shipped with controls prewired and is subjected to a series of quality assurance tests, the company says.

eProduct #204

Parker Boiler Co.
The company is building and offering tray and spray feedwater deaerators with capacities of 3,500 to 35,000 pounds per hour. Deaerators help reduce the residual oxygen level in makeup water to below 7 ppm, the company says; CO2 is virtually zero. The Parker deaerator incorporates a number of features which make it unique on the market, the company says; the unit is more modern with fewer moving parts, and is simpler and easier to operate.

eProduct #205

The MACH Series boiler line combines cast aluminum metallurgy with advanced burner and control technologies to create quiet, durable, and owner-friendly modulating, condensing hot water boilers, the company says. The boiler is certified at 92-percent efficiency; under certain operating conditions, the efficiency can be as high as 99 percent, the company says. Operating features include variable operating temperatures, frequent cold starts, fast changeovers from cooling to heating, and variable system flows. It can be used in heat pump, radiant panel, and snow-melting applications.

eProduct #206

The Hi Deltaâ„¢ sealed-combustion boiler features up to 98-percent efficiency at full fire, multiple firing options, venting flexibility, and low-NOx emissions, the company says. The unit is now available in a smaller footprint. The boiler offers capacities from 122,000 to 2,340,000 Btuh to meet most domestic hot water and hydronic heating applications, the company says.

eProduct #207

Ideal for retrofit and new construction applications, the Raupanel system is lightweight, efficient, and easy to install, the company says. Consisting of Rehau's 3/8-inch RauPEX® cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe, aluminum panels, and wood return bends, the system's 5/8-inch profile has minimal impact on overall floor height, requires less jobsite preparation and installation time, and its lighter weight eliminates the need for added structural support, the company says. Featuring an aluminum-intensive construction, the Raupanel system provides heat transfer characteristics that allow for reduced water temperatures and more efficient operation. In addition, its low thermal mass equates to quicker response times. The system provides a method of installing radiant heating over new or existing subfloors or concrete slabs. Flexible pipe spacing (6 or 8 inches on center) makes it suitable for a variety of installation applications. The system is compatible with commonly used floor coverings, the company says.

eProduct #208

The company introduces Roberts Gordon® Ultravac™ controls for the company's CoRayVac® infrared heaters. The company says it is the first to patent true modulating infrared systems with these controls. Ultravac controls modulate the burner input rate with the outdoor air temperature to match the heating system's input to the building's heat requirement. Modulation of the burners in series occurs by varying the vacuum and adjusting gas and combustion air. The multifeature zone temperature sensor provides localized control, which improves convenience for building occupants, the company says. In addition, a PC-based software package offers heating system management from a desktop location. An optional modem for remote system management enables building owners to monitor multiple heating systems, in any location throughout the country, from their desktops, the company says.

eProduct #209

Schwank Heaters
The STS-JZ commercial-industrial infrared radiant tube heater offers quick installation, easy-access servicing, and uniform heat distribution for warehouses, industrial plants, service garages, loading docks, schools, retail stores, and other buildings, the company says. Eight firing rates range from 45,000 to 200,000 Btuh; unit lengths range from 10 to 70 feet long. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the Whisper Quiet burner cup and heat exchanger tubes, plus a three-year warranty on all other parts. The heater distributes heat uniformly because of newly developed webbed hanger plates that promote free passage of entrapped convection heat, resulting in higher tube temperature along the length of the tube system, the company says. The heaters save up to 10 percent in installation labor with a one-piece hanger system that doesn't require multicomponent joinery during installation, the company adds. Serviceability is assisted with a quick-latch, drop-down burner enclosure that allows access and test firing even while open, the company says. If outside air is needed due to poor combustion air quality or negative air pressure conditions, a fresh air intake collar is standard with the burner.

eProduct #210

The company has expanded its line of unitized, low-intensity, gas-fired infrared tube heaters. Space-Ray now offers 19 heaters in more than 100 configurations, increasing the company's capability to custom design a radiant heating system that meets precise facility requirements for flexibility, economy, and energy efficiency, the company says. The new ETS/ETU Series low-intensity infrared tube heaters range in capacity from 40,000 to 250,000 Btuh. ETS Series tube heaters are available in multiple configurations including straight, L-shape, and expanded U- or Z-shape. "Space-Ray now offers tube heaters ranging from 20,000 Btuh to 250,000 Btuh in capacity, which gives us the most complete product line in our more than 45 years of manufacturing in the industrial heating market," noted Bob Genisol, vice president of sales and marketing.

eProduct #211

WaterFurnace International
The Synergy3 geothermal unit combines all of the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling with radiant floor heat, the company says. The Synergy3 generates hot water for radiant in-floor heating of tile, wood, or ceramic floors in applications such as basement and garage floors, sidewalk ice melt, hot tubs, heated towel racks, and in various-sized zones, from bathrooms to an entire house, the company says; variable-speed blower motor and Copeland scroll compressor provide quiet, efficient, and long-life operation. A microprocessor control allows homeowners to prioritize zones throughout the home for radiant or forced-air heat. The Synergy3 qualifies under the EPA's Energy Star® program and is certified by the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute and ETL for performance and safety. In addition, the E-Series geothermal heating-cooling system offers design flexibility. The EW Series can fit applications such as radiant heating, forced-air fancoil units, domestic hot water heating, or process heating-cooling loads, the company says; microprocessor controls and state-of-the-art components ensure years of virtually maintenance-free operation.

eProduct #212

Publication date: 10/11/2004