AERCO's Modulex line of condensing boilers is available in six different sizes. The light commercial boilers have unmatched turndown to maximize seasonal efficiency and bring an unprecedented level of operating reliability to installations that require from 300,000 to 1 million Btuh capacity, according to the company. The AERCO Modulex line offers modulating capabilities from 6:1 to 23:1, depending on the unit. Other performance advantages of the boilers include whisper-quiet operation of less than 50 dBa, as well as low NOx emission of less than 30 ppm. Each boiler combines two to seven independent thermal modules housed in a common enclosure.

eProduct 151

Bryan Steam LLC has introduced new Bryan flexible water tube boilers. One boiler is from the new Bryan Compliance+® Series hot water and steam boilers featuring Bryan's new Ultra Low NOx boiler/burner design. These gas-fired boilers utilize the latest metal fiber burner technology combined with air-fuel ratio control and a PID controller to provide a 5:1 turndown ratio and corrected NOx levels below 12 ppm through the entire turndown range. The boilers are available as either hot water or steam (15 psig/150 psig) in four inputs: 2,100 MBtuh, 2,400 MBtuh, 2,700 MBtuh, and 3,000 MBtuh.

eProduct 152

Cleaver-Brooks is featuring its Model CFC ClearFire Boiler - a single pass-down fired, stainless steel, full condensing boiler. It is CSA Certified and listed from 750,000 Btuh input through 1,800,000 Btuh input. Utilizing a premix burner with metal fiber head, the Model CFC provides NOx emissions of less than 20 ppm, noise emission of less than 70dBA, and a 5:1 turndown modulation. Operating efficiency is 99 percent in full condensing mode.

eProduct 153

Delta-Therm is offering its DW cable, a UL listed low profile floor warming cable with a limited lifetime guarantee. MI cable is UL listed for embedding in concrete floors for garages, basements, and outdoor snow melting with a 10-year guarantee. The Radiance Mat is a UL listed low profile floor warming mat for kitchens, baths, etc. The Delta-Therm, Energy Star® rated electronic thermostat, with in-floor temperature sensor, controls floor warming systems.

eProduct 154

Dunkirk Boilers' Quantum 95M-200 boiler is 95 percent efficient and fully modulating from 80–200 MBtuh. It is eligible for a $150 federal tax credit. The Q95M-200's one-piece casting eliminates section interface leaks and includes wide waterways resulting in little pressure drop. It also eliminates the need for high head circulators or special near boiler piping, saving installation time. The sealed combustion design allows the boiler to be vented with PVC pipe. It will reduce fuel consumption and save money, paying for itself in a few years, said the company.

eProduct 155

Ez Floor LLC's Raz Panel® features include an all-in-one insulator, vapor barrier, and tube holder for subslab hydronic radiant heat applications. With this system, there is no need for foam boards or tubes. Exact pex placement is made without staplers or twist tying to wire mesh. The Raz Panel keeps the tubing below the working surface of the panel and allows for walking across installed panels. The tongue and groove interlock ensures that they stay in place as one continuous form.

eProduct 156

Heat-Timer's Mini-Mod is tailored especially for small to mid-sized applications with multiple modulating boilers. The Mini-Mod incorporates control features that, until now, have only been associated with larger boilers. Its features and capabilities include the ability to sequence up to four-stages with the base unit. It also provides accurate control output for a variety of modulating motors from 0-100 percent, automatic rotation of stages with selectable rotation criteria, PID type logic to prevent short cycling, automatic setback control for nighttime or low load periods, set point or outdoor temperature reset control, and a user friendly alphanumeric display.

eProduct 157

HydroTherm introduced the PB Series of oil-fired boilers, ideal for use in single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. PB Series boilers are up to 86 percent efficient, and combine cast iron construction with an insulated metal jacket. The boilers are available in eight sizes ranging from 91-249 MBtuh, and can be used to provide steam and/or water heat. Extra deep cast iron sections are 4â€ä¾–inches, offering larger water content and increased water surface in the boilers. The unit features a lift-off access panel, a one-piece clean-out cover, a swing out service hatch, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

eProduct 158

Nuheat's prepackaged bath kit is designed to allow contractors, tillers, electricians, and home-owners to quickly walk in and out of a distribution outlet. The kits contain everything needed to heat a small bathroom or kitchen. Nuheat is an electrical radiant floor-warming system. Thin heating wires are embedded in durable material that is only 1/ 8 inch thick. It is simple to install, radiating even heat. Available in both 110 V and 220 V formats, there are over 60 standard mat sizes that fit most room applications. Custom size mats are available for spaces with curves and angles.

eProduct 159

The Peerless® Pinnacle® gas-fired boiler from Peerless Boilers is available for either natural or LP gas and is offered in six sizes, including two residential models - the PI-T50 and PI-T80 - that are available as wall-mounted or floor standing units. All residential models offer a 92 percent AFUE. The PI-399 commercial boiler offers 95 percent combustion efficiency. Its stainless steel construction ensures the boiler's durability and the new metal mesh burner elements improve turndown and reduce emissions, said the company. The compact, lightweight design of the boiler allows for maximum installation flexibility. Boilers are equipped with the P125 control board.

eProduct 160

Raypak Inc. has taken the design technology for modulating boilers to the next level with the all-new MVB, said the company. By precisely matching the control and combustion components, the optimum fuel air ratio is maintained throughout the entire range of load-tracking operation. A 4:1 turndown capability ensures the exact input to match the heating demand and maximizes efficiency at all firing rates. With all copper and bronze waterways, these boilers provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance. The series is available in seven sizes ranging from one-half million to 2 million Btuh input.

eProduct 161

Rehau's RauPanel™ system is a lightweight, efficient, and easy-to-install radiant heating system that is ideal for retrofit and new construction applications, according to the company. Consisting of Rehau's 3/ 8 -inch RauPEX® cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe, aluminum panels, and wood return bends, the system's low 5/ 8 -inch profile has minimal impact on overall floor height. It also eliminates the need for added structural support. The system does not require the overpour often used in radiant systems. It offers low thermal mass, which equates to quicker response times, said the company.

eProduct 162

The Steffes Corp. introduced the ThermElect Hydronic System, a commercial size electric thermal storage (ETS) off-peak hydronic heating system. The system is designed to use off-peak, demand free electricity for heating commercial, industrial, and large residential applications. During hours when energy costs are low and/or when kW demand charges are not incurred, the ThermElect systems store electricity as heat in the core of the unit, which contains high density ceramic brick. Heat is automatically extracted from the unit as needed to satisfy heating requirements. The ThermElect Hydronic System provides a hot water heating and demand management solution for multiple applications.

eProduct 163

Taco's Low Water Cutoff (LWCO) control is available for use with hot water and steam boilers. The LWCO control provides reliable protection for all types of boilers by serving as either the primary or secondary low water cutoff, depending on the type of installation. The LWCO can also protect pumps from running dry in condensate receiver tank applications, activating alarm systems or automatic water feeders. LWCO is a probe-type, microprocessor-based control that detects the fluid level in boilers.

eProduct 164

Uponor's exclusive ProPEX® fittings make solid, permanent connections without torches, glues or gauges. The unique shape memory of Uponor crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing - Wirsbo AquaPEX®, Wirsbo AquaPEX plus, and Wirsbo hePEX™ plus - forms a tight seal around the fitting, creating a strong, reliable connection. ProPEX fittings are certified to NSF 14 and 61 and CSA Standard B137.5, and manufactured to ASTM F1960. The fittings come with a 10-year warranty when installed by an Uponor-trained and Uponor-certified licensed plumbing professional.

eProduct 165

Publication date: 10/16/2006