Jackson & Church HVAC Global, a division of AESYS Technologies LLC, is making available its Series DF duct furnace module and SDF packaged centrifugal system for portable operation. The company said units are suitable for temporary heating of large spaces and can be located indoors or outdoors. Series DF and SDF have a heat output capacity to 4,000 MBtuh and is fuel flexible using natural gas, LP, oil, or gas/oil. The units can be adapted for skid loading, trailer-mounted, or affixed with wheels, depending on the application.

eProduct 161

Aggreko said its custom-built electric heaters are designed to provide heated air, free of moisture and contaminants, in areas where a combustion flame is not an option, as is often the case in many indoor spaces. The units are sized from 171,000-3.8 million Btuh, with airflows up to 12,000 cfm and maximum temperatures of 300°F. The company said these portable rental heaters may be used for HVAC applications, as well as industrial or construction applications, for wherever warm air is desirable.

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Carrier Rental Systems is a provider of temperature control for planned projects or emergency response. It now offers Carrier AquaSnap chillers in its rental fleet, with sizes from 18-110 tons. The AquaSnap Series features integrated pumps and the chillers have a reduced footprint compared to other chiller designs, said the company.

eProduct 163

Comfort-Aire’s new PE Series is designed to heat or cool a room without any ductwork or special wiring. The company said this portable unit is ideal for situations where a window isn’t available or can’t handle a room a/c unit, or where temporary cooling is needed. With heating capabilities, it can also be used to supplement the central heating and/or cooling system, or to save energy by conditioning only the room being used. Units have dual hoses so they operate like a traditional air conditioner, using outside air to carry away the heat collected from the room without exhausting cooled air.

eProduct 164

DESA Heating Products recently introduced its Master Tent Event 125, the first heater certified for tent event usage, it said. Applications for the quiet ventless heater include wedding receptions, business meetings, church gatherings, parties, and other tent events. On building projects, it will heat large, open, indoor areas and the top of the cart acts as a worktable, the company said. The unit is a 125,000-Btu convection heater that puts out odor-free heat while meeting the requirements of the American National Standards Institute for safety, said the company.

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According to KwiKool, its portable air conditioners offer “high-tech solutions for high-tech air conditioning problems” for customers with budget or flexibility issues. Units are fully self-contained portable air conditioners with standard features, such as a high-pressure condensate pump, and refrigeration controls “necessary to properly cool the high or hot spot problem environments,” the company said. KwiKool’s dual-duct design is designed to provide a balanced air pressure “for maximum efficiency,” said the manufacturer.

eProduct 166

Mobile Air’s MAI-12LA outdoor packaged portable large area air conditioner can deliver 144,000 Btu of cooling. It has a compact footprint (approximately 4-foot by 5-foot) and is made of stainless steel. According to the company, it performs in outdoor ambient from 0° to 100°F and can vary its output cooling capacity to match the heat load it’s controlling down to 72,000 Btu. It is ductable up to 100 feet and has a voltage range of 208-240 V to 460 V.

eProduct 167

MovinCool’s CM12 ceiling-mounted packaged spot air conditioner delivers 10,500 Btuh of cooling. The compact, self-contained unit is designed to fit cramped server and telecom rooms, where floor space can be at a premium. The CM12 is designed to mount easily with standard, off-the-shelf hardware in the tightest of drop-ceiling spaces and requires no special electrical connections, said the company. The CM12 comes with a variety of built-in capabilities and safety features, including built-in mounting brackets, designed for off-the-shelf mounting hardware; controlled by off-the-shelf millivolt thermostats; connects to the building control system; and works with fire alarm controls for safety shut-off. Features include a condensate pump and built-in 10-inch flanges.

eProduct 168

The new Phoenix Arctic Max portable air conditioner boasts 1 full ton (12,000 Btu) of cooling capacity operating in 95°F and 60 percent conditions while drawing only 11.7 amps, said the company. The Arctic Max is designed to provide a 430-cfm evaporator (cooling) airstream. The company said it can remove up to 100 pints of water per day. The portable, stainless steel-constructed unit features thermostatically controlled cooling, designed to ensure maintenance of desired conditions. It also features filter efficiency options up to MERV 11, an internal condensate pump with a 30-foot drain hose, and a 20-foot power cord.

eProduct 169

According to Reddy Heater, its new gas-forced air heaters are engineered to be 25 percent quieter than competitive models. They are designed with ruggedness in mind to meet the rigorous demands of the worksite, said the company. They feature a roll bar design with a balanced carrying handle, top-mounted controls, and easy service access. They are also designed to be easily stowed away and allow for multiple heater units to be stacked to save space on the jobsite and in rental houses where space is a serious issue, said the company. The heater also comes equipped with a locking front foot mechanism that allows for adjustable height for heat direction. The heaters are available in adjustable Btu outputs of 30-55,000; 50-85,000; 75-125,000; and 125,000-170,000.

eProduct 170

The PH1-14R-03 combines the function of a window air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater, air cleaner, and fan, said the company. Cooling capacity is 14,000 Btuh, while the capacity of the 110-V heat pump is 14,200 Btuh. Evaporative technology means there’s no water bucket to empty, said the company. Heavy-duty casters allow the unit to be rolled almost anywhere. The adjustable thermostat is designed with a range of 61° to 88°F. It features automatic start and stop. Recessed oscillating louvers are designed to prevent damage to the unit.

eProduct 171

Ocean Aire has redesigned some models in its water-cooled line and they are being sold exclusively through Spot Coolers. Changes include recessed unit-mounted water connections, designed to prevent damage during transport and storage; quick-connect water line couplings, which require one hand to connect and/or disconnect; and ergonomic handles, designed for ease of movement. According to Spot Coolers, water-cooled units are efficient and occupy a smaller footprint than air-cooled models. These units are ideal for applications where temperature control is desired, ducting air into or out of the space isn’t feasible, and where power availability or floor space is limited, the manufacturer stated.

eProduct 172

The Topaz® line of portable air conditioners consists of six models, offering from 14,000-77,500 Btuh. The company said they are ideal for supplemental or temporary cooling in offices, meeting areas, or classrooms. Units feature backward-inclined plenum evaporator and condenser fans. Topaz delivers a wide range of temperatures and altitudes with a thermostatic expansion valve - not found in ordinary units, the company said. This valve automatically adjusts to the environment, allowing the units to operate under more extreme temperatures. No special electrical requirements are needed. Most Topaz models are single phase.

eProduct 173

In an effort to combat the dangers that come with excessive heat in an industrial work area, Unico System has developed a spot cooling solution, the Unispot. The company said the system is designed to remove up to 30 percent more moisture than conventional systems. According to the company, this means that the air supply is less humid and more comfortable, even when set at a higher temperature. The company said it can be placed right at the workstation.

eProduct 174

There are no propane safety concerns with the 150-kW, horizontal portable electric heaters from United Coolair Corp. The units have four stages of controlled heating. Features include a tubular heater design, an internal thermostat, air-proving switch, and color-coded Camlock power-in connections. The ducted air supply has a backward inclined nonoverloading blower with a variable-frequency drive. An integral fork-lifting arrangement is included in the welded cabinet, said the company, and the units are stackable.

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Publication date:07/09/2007