The all-in-one Adalet heater-cooler is now available on the AD Products Website. Three sizes are available to fit small- to medium-sized electrical and electronic enclosures. The company said this thermoelectric product is "virtually maintenance-free" and can be used to protect electrical and/or electronic components from degradation due to high or low temperatures. The company said its product may be used to heat or cool full time, but can also be adjusted to switch from heater to cooler using an added thermostat controller, designed for remote locations. These units have few moving parts (only fans), no filters to change, and do not require the use of CFCs. The stainless steel design is rugged enough to stand up to harsh conditions, said the company. It is also lightweight and compact.

eProduct #151

AirPac said its PortaPac offers cooling in 3-, 5-, 8-, and 10-ton capacities. It said these units are small in size, allowing each to get through a standard doorway. Forklift pockets and casters are designed to make material handling and unit location easy. All components are designed to be accessible for electrical hook-up and servicing. Units can be used indoors or outdoors. The company said they are "perfect for cooling tents and special events." User-friendly features and off-the-shelf component selection "make routine maintenance easy," said the company.

eProduct #152

The company said its Air-Port vertical portable air conditioners are available from 8-20 tons and includes built-in features for mobility, fast-power connection, and "reliable operation." Air supply options include ducted or free-blow, and units can be tailored to specific cooling or heating requirements. Air-Port horizontal portables are available from 3.5-12 tons and can be ducted using flexible duct. There are built-in handles and casters. Camlock power connections make electrical hookup quick and easy, said the company. Meanwhile, its Air-Port portable electric heaters are available in 15 through 45 kW. It said its fabric Fibertec expandable indoor duct system provides uniform air distribution and quiet operation throughout the space.

eProduct #153

Are you prepared if suddenly your building's HVAC or power systems were to break down for a lengthy amount of time? Carrier Rental Systems said it has designed a flyer to help owners create their own contingency plan. The flyer can be mailed to those interested in developing such a plan. To receive the pamphlet, one can call the toll-free number (800-586-9020) or go to the company's Website.

eProduct #154

Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. recently announced the availability of a new line of ZoneAir® portable air conditioners. Applications include backup or supplemental cooling if a home's primary air conditioning unit fails or creates hot spots. They are also good for dorm rooms "because students can easily take them along when they change housing," said the company. The unit's dry mode setting is a feature designed to give owners the option to run the unit as a dehumidifier. Portable units are available in both 9,000 Btuh and 12,000 Btuh capacities. Both models are bucketless with washable filters, auto-swing louvers, and full display electronic controls with remote, said the company. The P-9 model features a fresh-air vent and dual hoses, it said, while the P-12 model uses a single-exhaust hose. Both models plug into standard 115-volt outlet and come with 72-inch hose lengths.

eProduct #155

Strategic Air Centers, offered by KwiKool, are "sophisticated portable units specifically designed for the new workplace." They are also for information technology managers who need affordable, dedicated air conditioning to cool high-heat load server rooms, it said. KwiKool offers 32 different models from 1- to 10-ton capacity in unitary, split-system, and water-cooler units. According to the company, prices for KwiKool units start at $2,350, and go up to $14,450. Units can be viewed on the company's Website.

eProduct #156

Mobile Air Inc. recently introduced a new series of portable temporary cooling and dehumidification solutions. These portables are available from 12-125 tons. The company said it is available to help keep equipment and people productive, "even under the most sizzling humid summer conditions." One can reach the company via its toll-free number (800-596-0800) or its Website.

eProduct #157

MovinCool said its Office Pro 36 provides 36,000 ETL-verified Btuh of cooling, keeping heat-sensitive server-telecom equipment operating by providing air con-ditioning down to 65°F. The Office Pro 36 runs on 230-volt power and offers an optional "plug-and-play" pump that can be installed in minutes, making continuous operation simple and efficient, said the company. The unit also features a programmable digital controller for automatic operation "even after hours and weekends," said the company. It also has a two-speed fan to control airflow. Suggested price is $6,982, said the company.

eProduct #158

Oceanaire Inc. manufactures portable air conditioning and heat pump units, with sizes ranging from 1-5 tons, in both air-cooled and water-cooled designs - and, available in several styles. The company said the units are made for commercial and industrial applications. It said it offers a variety of add-on, user-friendly accessories, and the availability of many voltage options "allow for total customization for most jobs."

eProduct #159

The company said it has made numerous improvements to its units, including the 48-inch model. According to the company, the venture has been redesigned, allowing more air delivery. Formerly delivering 17,000 cfm, the unit now delivers 20,000 cfm, said the company, adding that this increases the cooling area from approximately 3,500 square feet to 4,000 square feet. The units work by pulling hot, ambient air through water-soaked evaporative cooling media located in the back of the unit. The evaporative process takes place within the cooling media, creating cool air that is dispersed by a fan located in the front of the unit, it said. The company said a unit has shown, through testing, that it can lower air temperatures 18°-26°. The one-piece rotomolded housing for the unit is both rust and leak proof. The product is backed by a 12-month limited warranty.

eProduct #160

The PH1-14R-03 evaporative portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater, and fan is described as a multi-season unit by the manufacturer, as it "takes the place of several appliances, saving space and energy." A traditional portable air conditioner heater maxes out at 5,000 Btu, but the heat pump model efficiently achieves 14,000 Btu while using less electrical power, it said. Evaporative technology means there's no water bucket to empty, said the company. Heavy-duty casters allow the unit to be rolled almost anywhere, it said. Features include an adjustable thermostat, 24-hour timer, and three-speed fan. The adjustable thermostat, with a range of 61°-88°F, is designed to let a person select his/her own personal comfort level for heating or cooling.

eProduct #161

According to Spot Coolers, its Classic Plus 14 is designed to combat worker stress in non-air conditioned work environments, such as manufacturing plants, production facilities, and distribution centers. According to the company, the resulting cool air "is safe and healthful and provides worker comfort, which promotes increased productivity." The company said the unit is effective in high humidity environments with temperatures up to 115°F. The efficiency of the Classic Plus 14 will, the company said, "reduce surrounding air temperatures by approximately 20° and lower humidity by up to 50 percent." Maintenance is minimal and consists of keeping filters clean, it added. It operates on standard 115-V house power.

eProduct #162

Temp-Air said its THP-1400 temporary, portable, make-up air heater can electronically modulate its burner as needed to provide anywhere from 60,750-1,400,000 Btuh of direct-fired heat with 7,500 cfm of air capacity through a centrifugal blower. THP-Series heaters are designed with features "more like a permanent air handler," said the company. According to product manager Larry Petrak, this type of heater works well in tightly enclosed spaces or buildings, helping control moisture and contaminant levels in the heated space, "and significantly reduces the fuel consumption as compared to other types of heaters." For more information, one can contact the toll-free number (800-836-7432) or visit the company's Website.

eProduct #163

United CoolAir's vertical-style portable units are designed to provide climate control through tent walls or in ducted applications for special event functions. Units can be configured for cool only, heat only, or a cool-heat combination. These vertical-style portable units are available up to 25 tons with a wide range of options "that allow for custom tailoring to suit specific prospect requirements," said the company.

eProduct #164

Publication date: 07/10/2006