Adapt Inc.

The AirPac Coolit is designed to provide emergency backup, primary, and supplemental air conditioning needs. No tools are needed for installation, said the company, because the integral condenser air duct and ceiling panel are included. Condensate management includes both a condensate pump and tank option. The company said the product can adapt to each application and offers flexibility.

eProduct #20

Aggreko LLC

With a capacity of 30 to 180 kW or 10 to 60 tons, Aggreko's rental comfort air conditioners are designed to provide cooling in large interior areas. Air volume is variable, and maximum capacity output is 12,000 cfm. Equipped with user-friendly controls, the unit functions as a direct replacement for your customer's equipment, or any job in which return air is preferred. Forklift slots are provided in the main skid for safe handling in staging areas. A full range of ancillary equipment is available, and the units are delivered and operated with the same high levels of expertise as other Aggreko temperature control equipment. The company has 50 service centers nationwide and offers 24/7 availability and support.

eProduct #201

AirPac Inc.

The AirPac PortaPac is designed to offer powerful cooling packed in one of the smallest footprints in the industry, said the company. Units can be pushed through a standard doorway and onto elevators with ease. Forklift pockets and casters are designed to make material handling and unit location easy. According to the manufacturer, all components are easily accessible for electrical hookup and servicing. Units can be used indoors so there are no extended duct runs and the unit can be located in a secure location. User-friendly product features and off-the-shelf component selection ensure that routine maintenance is easy, said the company. The units are available in 3, 5, 8 and 10 tons.

eProduct #202

General Shelters

The heavy-duty, portable, evaporative cooling unit with a built-in 22-gallon tank and 16-inch-diameter fan blade joins the Port-A-Cool® lineup of evaporative cooling units. It features a heavy-duty, 1/2-hp motor and is designed to cool up to 900 square feet. The manufacturer said it can supply spot cooling anywhere that would be impractical to cool with traditional air conditioning. The one-piece roto-molded housing is rustproof. Each filler cart unit includes a 22-gallon tank and aluminum cart with welded steel casters and is shipped completely assembled and ready to operate out of the box. The units are also backed by a 12-month limited warranty.

eProduct #203


The Office Pro 36 (OP 36) workplace air conditioning product is designed to deliver 36,000 Btuh of cooling, making it appropriate for offices, schools, health care facilities, and other areas with servers, routers, telecom, or other heat-sensitive equipment and workspaces up to 2,400 square feet. Features include low-temperature operation for heat-sensitive equipment; a standard AFCI plug, a safety feature designed to protect against electrical arcing; and easy-to-use programmable controls. An optional plug-and-play pump can help eliminate the need to manually drain the condensate tank. Continuous running and draining makes after-hours operation "simple and efficient," said the company. The OP 36 can handle heat buildup in equipment rooms and "dead areas" central air conditioning can't reach. It can be moved from place to place as needed. The OP 36 is self-contained and plugs into a 230-V outlet.

eProduct #204

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment

The company said its new Pro-Kool® evaporative cooler is constructed of solid, UV-protected, roto-molded housing with a marbled finish. The cooler features a 42-inch fan. Its 1-hp motor is designed to generate 12,418 cfm, delivering 20 percent more cooling comfort wherever it is needed, said the company. The 40-gallon water reservoir is designed to make the unit more convenient and adaptable. The six-wing, 42-inch stainless steel fan blades are designed to produce optimum air movement with less noise, the company said. The unit also features rugged edge coated cooling pads, designed to last longer and allow for easier cleaning.

eProduct #205

Soleus International

The LX-140 portable heat pump has 14,000-Btu cooling capacity on 115 V, 1,610 W, and 14 amps. The LX-140 uses a Hitachi rotary compressor with R-22. Because of the compressor's operating characteristics, the company said it is able to produce the largest Btuh capacity in 115 V, 60 Hz. The unit combines the function of a cooling air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier, and fan. It includes a built-in, 65-pint dehumidifier. The collected moisture is recycled and eliminated through the exhaust hose. The LX-140 has a three-speed fan, fully digitized adjustable thermostat, vacuum fluorescent display, and a timer that can be programmed to automatically start or stop the unit. Other features include remote control and optional single- or dual-exhaust host with window-door kit.

eProduct #206

Spot Coolers

The company said its Office Pro is designed to function in critical office environments. It has modern styling and cooling power. Key features of the Office Pro series are electronic touch controls; 24-hour programmable operating mode; digital temperature control; 10,000 to 60,000 Btuh of ETL-verified cool air; two-speed fan; and adjustable diffused louver, said the company.

eProduct #207

Spot Coolers

The company's ConvertibleAire unit is a low-temperature, portable air conditioner as well as a powerful heat pump system. It is designed to deliver 14,850 Btu of heat on a 120-V, 15-amp circuit and is said to provide three times more heat than a plug-in heater. The company said the unit automatically switches from heating to cooling and is available in five sizes from 1 to 5 tons. The Micro Computer control system is designed to maintain temperatures from 55 degrees to 85 degrees F.

eProduct #208


The new Topaz 5-ton portable air conditioner, with 460-V/3-amp power, was manufactured to meet the continuing requests of its customers, said Scott Brainard, Topaz product manager. The unit joins the family of Topaz portable units that range in size from 14,000 to 78,000 Btu. The new model is another option for the commercial and industrial markets. Since 1965, Temp-Air has been providing temporary, portable air conditioning and dehumidification services to a myriad of industries. The company has 11 regional sales offices nationwide.

eProduct #209

United CoolAir

The low-profile PAC5 is a 5-ton portable air conditioning unit compact enough for indoor or outdoor applications, featuring horizontal ducted supply and return air with condenser air top discharge. The condenser air can be set up for ducted or free-blow configurations. Options include Camlock connections, various controls, and electric heat. Handles and casters are designed for convenient mobility, regardless of interior/exterior usage, the company says. Each PAC5 is built for long life and to meet unique demands of the rental market. The portable air conditioners range from 5 to 30 tons in a variety of configurations.

eProduct #210

Publication date: 07/11/2005