HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia has signed a performance contract with Johnson Controls Inc. to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gases at its Metro Transit building. As the first energy-saving performance contract for the Halifax Regional Municipality, this pilot project's success will help determine whether this arrangement will be implemented at other Halifax Regional Municipality buildings.

"Through a performance contract with Johnson Controls, we have identified a solution that balances capital with operating cost," said Julian Boyle, energy auditor, Halifax Regional Municipality. "We feel that this kind of contract has significant benefits for the Metro Transit facility, and could also for our other major buildings."

A performance contract enables facility and infrastructure improvements that are funded by the guaranteed energy and operational savings they create. In this case, the contract is projected to pay for itself within eight years, starting in July 2006, with assistance funds from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The federal government contributed to the project in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases. The project's savings total 828 tons of carbon dioxide from phase one and 726 tons of carbon dioxide from a proposed phase two.

This contract with Johnson Controls involves an energy-saving conversion from fuel oil to natural gas, providing environmental and financial benefits to the municipality. It also includes air quality and lighting technology improvements and deferred maintenance. Overall, the Johnson Controls solution is expected to result in lower operating costs for the municipality while delivering a safer, more comfortable environment for building occupants.

Publication date: 05/15/2006