William S. Rafferty
Welcome to the newest issue ofGAMAzine- just in time for the onset of the 2006-2007 heating season.

GAMAzine is published by the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA), the national trade association representing manufacturers of appliances, components, and related products used for space heating, water heating, and other building services. GAMA's mission is to provide its members quality services through representation, education, advocacy, and administration of programs to the members' benefit and the advancement of their industries.

In this issue, we invite you to join with GAMA in promoting safety in your customers' homes. As an HVAC industry professional, you play a key role by helping homeowners learn how to operate their appliances safely. Likewise, GAMA's manufacturer members continue to ensure that their products meet performance and safety standards before they are shipped to you.

Every day, people all over the country depend on our products, much like the typical American family depicted on GAMAzine's cover. As you peek inside the family's illustrated home, you'll see an array of GAMA member products providing for the family's needs and comfort. Each article focuses on how HVAC contractors, installers, and technicians can help to make a home safe for its occupants.

Our leader story "Annual Maintenance of Gas Appliances Recommended," for instance, stresses the importance of annual equipment maintenance and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification of service personnel. Subsequent articles offer valuable information on CO alarms, proper venting, flood safety, and vent-free appliances.

Although not related to our safety theme, be sure to see "GAMA's New Website Offers Something for Everyone" for a look at GAMA's new Website tools designed specifically for consumers and HVAC professionals.

Keeping you informed is just one more way GAMA continues to "empower our industries."

William S. Rafferty
GAMA Chairman

Publication date: 07/24/2006