INDIANAPOLIS — ICOR International, Inc., and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have settled a dispute over certain allegations under the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Program. The company has agreed to a $25,000 fine.

The allegations made in an EPA complaint in September, 1998 relate to the appropriate fittings for the company’s 10-oz cans of “Hot Shot” refrigerant. Also at issue are ICOR’s compliance certification requirements on its “Spooter II” recovery pump, and related labeling issues.

The company argued that it was in compliance, and said that the EPA allegations were based on non-rule policies that were not enforceable as law.

Although the EPA originally proposed to assess a $100,000 fine, on the eve of trial it offered to settle for $25,000.

“Although ICOR was confident that it would prevail at the hearing and that EPA would be unable to substantiate its allegations, EPA’s settlement offer was so low that it was in ICOR’s economic interest to settle rather than to consume valuable time presenting its case during the company’s most productive time of the year,” said a company statement.

Hot Shot replaces CFC-12, HFC-134, and R-500.