ATLANTA - Some problems with reach-in coolers at the home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team were apparently solved with the use of refrigerant R-414B.

Garry Cupp, maintenance manager for Aramark Corp. at Turner Field, said, "After losing several compressors on reach-in coolers that had been charged with R-134a, we decided to charge the units with HotShot," the ICOR International brand name for R-414B.

"The changeover was easily done," Cupp said, "since no oil change was required." The HFC works with a POE oil.

"This is the beginning of the fourth baseball season since the units have been converted and we have not had any problems," Cupp said.

ICOR officials said R-414B could be used as a replacement for R-12, -134a, and -500. They said it is a blend of R-22, -124, -600a, and -142b; it duplicates R-12's operating characteristics; and it can be up to 8 percent more efficient than R-12 and 20 percent more efficient than R-134a.

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Publication date: 06/07/2004