OAKBROOK, Ill. - With the introduction of the 13 SEER government mandate earlier this year, changes have been experienced across the industry. Providers of extended warranties and extended service agreements have been directed to make the terms and conditions of coverage for both replacement and new installation explicitly clear to both contractors and consumers.

Under the new 13 SEER compliance standards, both the condenser and the evaporator need to be changed. When the outdoor unit is replaced and the indoor section is not replaced at the same time, the warranty is voided, potentially leaving the consumer with total financial responsibility.

To help contractors address this problem, Equiguard is offering existing agreement holders an option to upgrade their current coverage. The coverage will allow for an evaporator coil change-out in the event of condenser failure and ensure 13 SEER compliance.

Availability of this extended coverage to consumers should ultimately cut down on the number of consumer concerns raised and potential out-of-pocket costs to contractors. Additionally, Equiguard will not offer coverage for new installations that are not properly matched.

"Equiguard prides itself in meeting the needs of both the contractor and their consumers," said Craig Funke, CEO of Equiguard. "As the industry changes, we will continue to change as well and make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible for everyone involved."

For additional information on ex-tended coverage through Equiguard, visit www.equiguard.com.

Publication date: 07/17/2006