The Cold-Flo Sampler from LaRoche Industries was created to allow safe and convenient sampling of liquid anhydrous ammonia by producing a stream of liquid ammonia refrigerated to -28 degrees F.
ACAPULCO, Mexico - When some 950 people involved in the ammonia refrigeration industry gather in one location, suppliers of products are sure to be there. That was the case at the recent International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Close to 100 exhibitors had booths with products and services on display. Here, in alphabetical order, is a brief review of what was being shown and talked about.

Advanced Energy Control ( displayed On Peak Demand, a controls technology designed to reduce and then level electrical usage.

Airfoil Impellers ( showed aluminum fan blades, machine room exhaust fans, product cooler fans, blast freezer fans, and related items.

Alfa Laval ( showed a range of heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration. The company's products are plate-style exchangers rather than conventional shell and tube.

A. Blasquez E. Refrigeración Industrial ( exhibited as a contractor from Mexico involved in a range of industrial refrigeration projects.

Bonar Engineering & Construction ( said it can provide engineering, construction, and refrigeration for the perishable food industry.

Baltimore Aircoil Co. ( discussed its evaporative cooling and heat transfer equipment for the industrial refrigeration market.

Buffalo Pumps ( offered the COM "R" canned motor pump. The company said the pump has long-life bearings and balanced hydraulic thrust.

Burns & McDonnell ( company representatives described its ammonia refrigeration services for the food and beverage industry, including system analysis, design, and construction.

Camco Lubricants ( offered mineral oils and synthetic lubricants for refrigeration, food processing, and industrial applications.

Carter & Burgess ( exhibited as a national architecture, engineering, and design firm whose projects include refrigerated and freezer spaces down to -20 degrees F.

Vilter was one of the close to 100 exhibitors who discussed the latest in ammonia technology and services with attendees at the IIAR conference.
Colmac Coil( showed a number of products, including software for the selection of fluid coolers, a bimetallic coupler, and a hanger bracket system for evaporators.

Cool Air ( showed an ammonia leak detector and smoke detector that can be integrated seamlessly into common industry alarm systems.

Cornell Pump ( showed standard and hermetic refrigerant pumps. The standard pump consists of two mechanical seals mounted back to back. The hermetic pump can be operated without the need for a mechanical shaft seal, the company said.

Cyrus Shank ( described how it manufactures high- and low-capacity relief valves, manifolds, shut-off valves, expansion valves, and tee, purge, and line valves.

Danfoss ( showed its ICV intelligent control valve, available in the ICS model for mechanical pressure-temperature regulation or pilot-operated solenoid applications. An ICM model is a motorized expansion valve or motorized pressure-temperature regulating valve.

Delta Tee ( makes heat exchangers and pressure vessels using titanium for seawater applications, chillers, and condensers.

Dow Chemical ( targets ammonia refrigeration applications with its Trymerâ„¢ and Styrofoamâ„¢ insulation with Saranâ„¢ vapor retarder film.

Draeger Safety Inc.'s ( gas detection systems are fixed devices designed to provide around-the-clock safety, the company said.

Evapco ( displayed a number of products, including the RVS Matrix Micro panel, a microprocessor said to provide a control solution for recirculator packages.

Extol of Ohio ( booth officials discussed how the company fabricates and distributes various types of insulation for piping and equipment.

FabricAir ( displayed a type of duct system that employs woven material to deliver conditioned air in a wide variety of applications.

FES's ( broad range of offerings included the Micro III system panel for compressor sequencing, a vibration monitor, and a digital signal that provides continuous compressor and motor vibration monitoring.

Booth representatives from FlatPlate ( noted that the company's heat exchangers range from 1 to 200 tons. The company has an online selection program available through its Web site.

Freeze-Pro ( displayed a water still that deals with ruptured tubes, vacuum leaks, blown gaskets, and accidental inverted blowdowns.

Frick-York Refrigeration ( noted that it is now putting York variable-speed drives on Frick screw compressors.

GfG Instrumentation's ( booth displayed the CL 21 monitor, which is specifically designed for continuous detection and monitoring of ammonia leaks. The product's technology is based on the Charged Carrier injection sensor, the company said.

Attendees filled the aisles at the IIAR Annual Conference & Exhibition in Acapulco, Mexico.
Representatives ofGarden City Community Collegein Garden City, Kan. ( were on hand to promote its industrial refrigeration operator training seminars.

Guentner ( showed heat exchangers that feature Ziehl-Abegg fans. The fans' external rotor motors feature thermal contacts that are cast in the windings.

H.A. Phillips ( featured its vessels and systems, and the fact that it distributes Danfoss valves and controls.

Hansen Technologies ( introduced what it called "the first integrated pressure-temperature transducer model HPT for industrial refrigeration." The company said it could be used for the sensing of superheat, subcooled liquid, and noncondensable gas.

Hasegawa Refrigeration ( provided information on its screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, and modular, skid-mounted refrigeration systems.

Hench Control ( said its modular control systems are designed to conserve energy while improving process control and the operator's ability to monitor and adjust the refrigeration system.

Henry Technologies/Chil-Con Products ( displayed its flow control products, oil separators, pressure relief valves, heat transfer products, and pressure vessels.

"We strike the right note for refrigeration valves" was the slogan at the booth of Herl ( The company emphasized its commitment to the refrigeration sector, safety, and service.

Hermetic Pumps ( offered its impellers and inducers, as well as single- and multi-stage design equipment.

Among technologies at the booth of Highland Refrigeration ( was a range of open-drive and reciprocating compressors.

Howden ( featured high-pressure WRV compressors for use with CO2 and ammonia cascade systems.

Howe ( offered a variety of modular, remote, low-side flake ice machines capable of producing 20 tons of ice a day, the company said. It also displayed modular, remote, high-side air-cooled condensing units.

Industrial Service & Fabricators ( booth personnel talked about the company's ability to custom design and fabricate pressure vessels, tanks, and liquid recirculator assemblies.

Innovative American Manufacturing ( said it provides distributed controls and programming services.

"Design-Build-Success" was the slogan of Innovative Refrigeration Systems (, which is involved in refrigeration, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

System integration, industrial refrigeration, HVAC, energy management, and process control are the focus of Integrated Circuit Systems (

Isotherm ( offered chillers, reboilers, and recirculators among its heat transfer and refrigeration equipment.

J&E Hall Ltd. ( displayed commercial and industrial products such as its screw compressor packs.

Kathabar/Ross Air Systems Inc. ( noted that it has dehumidifiers in unit sizes from 1,000 to 84,000 cfm in liquid systems. They are available in vertical or horizontal airflow configurations.

Krack Corp. ( highlighted various industrial application evaporator units that employ an air draw-through design. The units are constructed with mill galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Lanier Technology College ( of Oakwood, Ga., promoted its ammonia refrigeration training program.

LaRoche ( said its Cold-Flo Sampler was created to allow safe and convenient sampling of liquid anhydrous ammonia by producing a stream of liquid ammonia refrigerated to -28 degrees F.

Process automation systems, refrigeration process management systems, and energy management systems with variable-frequency drives were displayed by Logic Technologies Inc. (

Logix Controls ( offered its refrigeration control systems, designed to minimize ownership costs, the company said.

Screw compressors, recips, microprocessor-based control systems, and ammonia detection systems were shown by M&M Refrigeration (

MSA ( displayed gas detection systems for the ammonia refrigeration industry.

MTH Pump ( featured canned, sealless centrifugal pumps with capacities up to 2,100 gpm.

Manning Systems ( displayed an ammonia-specific electrochemical gas sensor-transmitter.

Marking Services ( booth personnel described how the company works with contractors and end users when considering a pipe or valve identification project.

McCormack Coil ( showed how it makes evaporator coils and specialty finned-tube heat transfer products.

Multi-Wing ( noted that its aluminum fans are custom engineered to specific applications' requirements.

Integrated custom air handlers were the focus of attention at the Munters ( booth.

Mycom International Refrigeration ( featured compressors and the MyPro-M control panel for screw and reciprocating compressors.

North Star ( highlighted ice-making equipment in the 2- to 56-ton production range and ice storage from 20 to 280 tons.

Orca Technologies ( offered information on its distribution of RFF steel shut-off valves to the U.S. and Canada.

Products highlighted by Parker Hannifin ( at its booth included the Model 28 refrigerant gas detector, Model 20 and 20B fixed multipoint gas monitor, and Model 72 and 72/D analyzers.

Paul Mueller Co. ( showcased falling-film chillers, which are designed to cool any fluid to ±2 degrees F of its freeze point, the company said.

Phoenix Air Systems ( said its "hygienic" rooftop equipment, penthouse evaporators, desiccant air-handling units, and custom refrigeration and air-handling products meet the needs of food processors.

Polyguard Products ( booth officials discussed a compound the company calls RG-2400, designed to control corrosion under insulation.

RAE ( billed its ability to supply refrigeration equipment and coils as the "total package solution."

Among products at the booth of motor and control manufacturer RAM ( was a digital bypass solid-state starter.

Randall Manufacturing Inc. ( featured warehouse temperature control products such as insulated curtains, strip doors, pallet covers, and freezer boxes.

Realcold Milmech USA ( offered such equipment as an air blast-cooling tunnel, plate freezers, and carton tunnels for meat products.

The Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians Association ( noted that it is a trade association for those involved in all aspects of industrial refrigeration, including service technicians.

Refrigeration Systems Co. ( exhibited as a licensed contracting company that provides temperature control and refrigeration services in 38 states.

Republic Refrigeration Inc. ( was represented at the expo by representatives out of Monterrey, Mexico, with information on its industrial refrigeration design, installation, and maintenance services.

Spectronics Corp. ( featured leak detection products including those that employ UV inspection lamps.

Steller Group ( described how its SimPro software provides an interactive way to train operators and evaluate performance in a virtual reality environment.

Tanner Industries ( noted that it provides training on ammonia safety and emergency response procedures.

Teikoku USA ( featured a product line that includes the "ultimate NH3 pump," with a seamless, compact design and an electric bearing monitor.

Tippmann Group ( reported on its refrigerated distribution facilities in seven locations in the United States.

Toromont Process Systems ( noted that it designs, supplies, and services industrial process systems. Its Cimco Refrigeration Division specializes in refrigeration systems for food, beverage, and cold storage applications.

Tracer ES&T ( said it specializes in risk and safety programs for ammonia and other refrigeration systems.

Heat exchangers from Tranter PHE ( include the Ultramax™, designed for situations beyond gasketed exchangers; Supermax® shell-and-plate exchanger for high pressure and extreme temperatures; and Maxchanger® welded-plate heat exchanger for heat transfer in small spaces.

VRTX Technologies ( showed that it can provide chemical-free maintenance of cooling tower water.

Vahterus ( is a company from Finland that provides fully welded heat exchangers for refrigeration systems.

Vilter ( displayed a reciprocating compressor controller that has four-step capacity control and three modes of operation: manual, automatic, or remote.

Vogt ( products included a tube-ice machine that can produce up to 50 tons of ice a day and is configured for either R-22 or ammonia; and Turbo Series ammonia ice makers and liquid heat exchangers.

Zeroloc ( noted that it provides insulated wall and ceiling panels for a variety of cold storage applications.

Publication date: 04/18/2005