ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — The diversity of technologies that make up the refrigeration sector was apparent at the 2002 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo). Here is a sampling.

Heatcraft (Grenada, MS) introduced its Modular Auxiliary Removable Coil, otherwise known as M.A.R.C. It holds any of the coil types Heatcraft manufactures. The case is built of galvanized steel, is fully insulated, and includes a stainless steel drain pan. All seams are sealed with silicone and weather-stripping to ensure a leak-free case, the manufacturer said. The coil can be removed through an access panel, said the company.

Among offerings of Baltimore Aircoil Co. (Baltimore, MD) was its Series V evaporative condensers, which have applications in industrial refrigeration. These models were force-draft, counterflow units with multi-stage axial fans.

Krack (Addison, IL) featured walk-in and reach-in coolers as well as air-cooled condensers.

Colmac Coil (Colville, WA) showcased evaporators, air coolers, air-cooled condensers, blast freezers, and hydrocoolers.

Standard Refrigeration (Melrose Park, IL) highlighted its range of products, including water-cooled condensers, chilled barrels, subcoolers, liquid receivers, and suction accumulators.

KeepRite Refrigeration (Brantford, ON, Canada) displayed a range of commercial products including unit coolers, condensing units, and DX coils.

Filter driers were also in abundance. Danfoss (Baltimore, MD) said it has come up with improved Eliminator® solid-core filter-driers with one or two cores. The type DM core is 100% molecular sieve, and is optimized for HFC refrigerants including R-410A, used with polyolester (POE) and polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricants, said the company. The type DC composite core is 80% molecular sieve with 20% activated alumina, a blend for HCFC and CFC refrigerants using mineral and alkylbenzene oils. Solid cores allow installation in any orientation, the company said.

The Mexican company Desacum showed driers in one-inlet and two-inlet configurations for field service work. Copper filter-driers with all molecular sieves for acid and moisture removal were shown by Superior Refrigeration Products (Washington, PA).

Coil cleaning was a concern of Nu-Calgon (St. Louis, MO), which showed a range of products and encouraged contractors to have in place a regular program that included cleaning, sanitizing, and the use of protective coatings.

Coil cleaning without pumping, mixing, or pre-dilution was shown by Refrigeration Technologies (Fullerton, CA). The process involves compacted foam.

A no-frost suction accumulator said to prevent frost and condensation and offer protection from corrosion and water damage was displayed by Refrigeration Research (Brighton, MI).

TIF Instruments (Miami, FL) had a variety of products to show visitors at this year’s expo. But the one new product on display was the ZX-1 Heated Pentode™ refrigerant leak detector. The instrument uses a patent-pending heated pentode sensor technology and detects all halogenated refrigerants at levels below 0.1 oz/yr.

According to the manufacturer, the technology eliminates false alarms due to moisture, cleaners, solvents, and more.

There was also a sole soul showing display cases for food service applications. The company, Framec, is from Thailand.

Publication date: 02/11/2002