Products on display at the booth of Baltimore Air Coil during the IIAR expo.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The annual conference and exhibition of the International Insitute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) had a special emphasis on the exhibition aspect this year. The exhibit hall was open some 11 hours over the three main conference days and those hours did not conflict with any of the keynote talks, technical paper presentations, or panels.

Breakfast and luncheons took place in the hall. A number of “technomercial” presentations allowed some manufacturers to give expanded presentations of their newest technology. The following is an alphabetical listing of those exhibiting at IIAR.

A. Blasquez E. Refrigeracion Industrial ( included information on its low-temperature refrigeration system engineering and design.

Advantage Refrigeration ( had gauges that glow, making them “easy to read even in complete darkness,” according to the company.

AFGCO ( highlighted compressed sheet gasket materials, including premium sealing technology.

Airfoil Impellers ( said its engineers, manufactures, and markets axial air-moving equipment.

Airgas ( offered details on its industrial application gases, safety products, and tools.

Alfa-Laval ( promoted its 100 percent stainless steel, fusion-brazed heat exchanger.

American Industrial Refrigeration ( promoted its engineering and design-build services for industrial refrigeration systems.

Ammonia Process Safety Management (www.ammoniapsm. com) offered “solutions for management of requirements that surround the industrial use of ammonia.”

Analytical Technology ( featured GasSens, a flexible component system providing a variety of options for individual gas detection.

Apex Refrigeration Services ( detailed its designs, installation, and service of industrial refrigeration, central chilling plants, and process cooling.

AP Tech Group ( introduced the EnduroSolv water treatment consisting of cooling tower and boiler treatment products.

Baltimore Aircoil ( featured the EcoArmor protection system, a metallic impregnated polymeric coating.

Benshaw ( highlighted custom motor and machine control panel solutions as well as aftermarket support.

Bitzer ( had information on a range of products including semihermetic reciprocating compressors for R-744 (CO2).

Chem-Aqua ( provided details on its HandiChem Solid water treatment system for cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers.

Chester-Jensen ( had information on what it called “air-agitated ice builders” to provide “low-cost 32°F cooling water by ‘storing’ refrigeration.”

Camco Lubricants ( showed refrigeration oils created specifically for ammonia applications.

Cimco Refrigeration ( showed the Eco Chill, a modular refrigeration system designed to lower energy costs, the company said.

Concepts and Designs ( had details on desiccant air-supply units for low-humidity discharge conditions.

Cook Brothers Insulation ( provided details on its low-temperature pipe insulation options for a range of jobs.

Cool-Air ( included the Model LBW ammonia leak detector for ammonia plant refrigeration.

Cornell Pump ( offered technologies related to liquid overfeed and transfer pumps.

Danfoss ( showed the ICV intelligent control valve, designed to lower leak potential, among other features.

Delta Tee International ( described its heat transfer equipment and pressure vessels.

Dow Chemical ( had information on the Saran vapor retarder film and tape for piping.

Draeger Safety ( featured a range of gas detectors, as well as its analysis on existing situations before recommending certain products.

DualTemp ( noted industrial refrigeration design, installation, service, and supplies.

The booth of Evapco at the IIAR expo shows some of the latest technology.

Energy Wise Lighting ( had information on T5-HO high-bay light fixtures, which can be used in factory environments.

Envirometrics ( described itself as a consulting engineering firm specializing in air pollution control.

Eureka Door ( showed its Eureka-Flex cold storage door systems, billed as high speed and flexible.

Evapco ( noted such products as a thermal ice storage system, “to help reduce your carbon footprint.”

Extol of Ohio ( had a range of fabricated insulation products, including closed cellular insulations, vapor barrier/weather barrier jackets, and high-density pipe supports.

FES Systems ( highlighted screw compressor packages, reciprocating compressors, and heat exchangers.

Frick ( had various brochures, including one on its Capture pan series, designed to prevent moisture contaminants at critical control points.

Garden City Ammonia Program ( had information on its four-day seminars regarding operation, theory, and regulations for ammonia refrigeration.

GEA Process Equipment Division ( showed fully welded plate heat exchangers.

GFG Instrumentation ( displayed fixed systems that allow continuous monitoring of process environments.

Guntner ( discussed its unit coolers, air-cooled condensers, blast freezers, and industrial evaporators.

Hansen Technologies (www.hantech) had details on its industrial gas sensors and monitors for refrigerants and other common gases.

H.A. Phillips & Co. ( showed a modulating liquid-level control for ammonia and halocarbon refrigerants.

HCR ( noted its line of Jamison Door recirculatory air doors for industrial applications.

Hench Control ( said it manfactures modular computer-based refrigeration control systems.

Henry Technology ( described custom heat exchangers and pressure vessels from Chil-Con.

Hasegawa Refrigeration ( described what it called “total engineering to cooling and heating,” and advanced manufacturing technology.

Honeywell ( talked about the Manning range of fixed gas detection devices and accessories.

Howden Compressors ( said it has large inventories, factory-trained service, and technical support.

Howe ( talked about mobile and stationary pump-out systems for ammonia refrigeration.

Industrial Consultants ( said it has ammonia-specific training to meet OSHA and EPA requirements.

Industrial Service & Fabricators ( had refrigeration vessels such as receivers, accumulators, intercoolers, and recirculators.

Ingersoll Rand ( explained services for distribution centers, processing facilities, and critical temperature applications.

Insul-Therm International ( provided information on its pipe systems and equipment, cold storage, and geothermal projects.

Integrated Circuit Systems ( had technology to evaluate bills and calculate savings.

Isotherm ( noted shell-and-tube condensers for marine applications and evaporators for close-approach temperature applications.

Jacobs Carter Burgess ( discussed services it provides related to site selection, engineering, and construction management for distribution and warehouse facilities.

Jaytech ( reported on its water treatment services including cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitor.

Krack ( had information on its microchannel remote air-cooled condenser with modular design and microchannel coil technology.

Keeprite Refrigeration ( described commercial refrigeration and air conditioning products, especially those for industrial refrigeration applications.

Lanier Technical College ( provided information on its ammonia refrigeration training courses.

Lederle Hermetic ( booth personnel talked about the use of hermetically sealed pumps.

M&M Refrigeration ( described its involvement with equipment that works wth CO2 as a refrigerant.

McCrory Controls ( billed itself as a “full-service controls systems integrator.”

Miller & Landon (www.miller noted its technical drafting services to assist in risk management and process safety management programs.

Mine Safety Appliances ( had representatives from its Instrument Division talking about its products for industrial refrigeration.

Morris & Associates ( had information on water chillers and rechillers.

MSI Marking Services ( said it provides pipe and valve identification materials for ammonia refrigeration.

MTH Pumps ( noted that it has an extensive line of custom-engineered, sealless canned pumps.

Mueller Refrigeration Products ( has falling film chillers designed to cool any fluid to within 2°F of its freeze point, the company said.

Multi-Wing (www.multi-wing. net) had information on aluminum fan blades promoted as providing high efficiency, low noise, and high air volume.

Munters ( had information on integrated custom air handlers for adding humidity control to a building or manufacturing facility.

Mycom ( talked about ThermoJack steel belts, said to be ideal for flat products with a large contact area.

Nikkiso ( had an E Monitor developed to detect the condition of bearings in hermetically sealed pumps during operation.

Nomaco Insulation ( explained its flexible, polyolefin, thermal insulation, used to retard heat gain and prevent condensation or frost formation.

North Star Ice Equipment ( had in- formation on its industrial flake ice makers.

Parker ( refspec) had such products as the LED pilot light knot kit, which provides a visual report on the condition of a solenoid.

Petrochem Insulation ( has mechanical insulation, pad fabrication, and heat and steam tracing.

Phoenix Air Systems ( featured penthouse refrigeration systems for cold storage.

Piping Solutions ( said it develops, markets, and distributes plant engineering design software.

Polyguard ( highlighted its RG-2400 corrosion-control compound for use on insulated metal surfaces.

Quote Express ( said it has refrigeration software for mechanical contractors bidding any type of piping or plumbing system.

RAE ( noted that it manufactures specialized engineered cooling systems.

RAM Industries ( talked about its motors, starters, electronic circuit boards, and metal products.

Realcold Industrial ( noted that it’s involved in the design, manufacture, and installation of industrial refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration Engineers Technicians Association had a booth to promote both its organization and its annual conference, to be held Sept. 23-26, 2008, in Hershey, Pa.

Republic Refrigeration ( said it offers service in design, installation, and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems.

RSC ( described how it constructs buildings that house refrigeration equipment such as those used in food distribution.

Shank Screw Products ( featured low- and medium-capacity relief valves, as well as rupture discs and gauges.

Shur-Fit Products ( billed itself as “fabrication specialists of low-temperature insulation systems.”

Stellar ( said it has single-source design-build services for manufacturing and industrial processes.

Tanner Industries ( described a range of products and services, including safety seminars it provides.

Teikoku USA ( showed what it called canned motor pumps, including those for use with reverse-circulation piping connections.

Thermal Seal Duct ( described products and technologies designed to reduce duct system leakage rates.

Tranter ( had details on all-welded plate heat exchangers and shell-and-plate heat exchangers.

Turbo Refrigerating ( featured falling-film plate-type heat exchangers with what the company said are large plate sizes for higher production.

United States Cold Storage ( said it provides “logistic solutions to the frozen and refrigerated food industry.”

Vahterus ( included information on plate-and-shell heat exchangers for refrigeration applications such as evaporators, condensers, cascades, and desuperheaters.

Vilter ( had details on single screw compressors, air units, evaporative condensers, and engine-driven refrigeration, among other products.

VRTX Technologies ( featured its chemical-free cooling water treatment services.

Warrender ( showed sealless magnetic-drive products.

Publication Date:05/26/2008