A boat being hauled by an HVACR van? Hmmmm... Let's just say the picture Mitsubishi used in its ad on page 25 of the June 20 issue caught the eye of many subscribers. The headline did not hurt its cause either: "Selling Mr. Slim® will change the way you do business...It might also change how you use your truck."

"This large, full-page ad catches your eye," agreed consultant York, who did insert a suggestion: "It is possible that too much space was devoted to the huge boat, the HVACR van, the trees and grass, and too little to the product."

Consultant Arthur Pickett disagreed. His comment regarding the ad was simply: "I liked it. It was informative."

"With Mr. Slim split ductless systems from Mitsubishi Electric, you can finish more jobs faster, generate more profit, and hit the water sooner," the ad states.

"Mr. Slim systems install easily, so your crews will spend less time running ductwork and fielding service calls and spend more time being profitable."

For more information, visit www.mrslim.com.

Publication date: 12/12/2005