York provided readers with an apparent memorable history lesson in the Feb. 7 issue. On pages 14 and 15, it provided readers with a timeline of the company's innovations.

"Our reputation for innovation goes back to 1874 when we opened the York Manufacturing Building and began shaping the industry with groundbreaking designs," states the ad. "But if you think we've had a colorful past, wait until you see our future."

Judging from comments from The NEWS' Contractor Consultants, contractors appreciate history. After all, 94 percent of the invited respondents said they remembered seeing the ad. "I liked the ad since it had some history of the industry," remarked Russ Donnici. "I think whenever we can learn more about our industry history, it's a good thing. Now that I have been in the trade for 35 years, I feel a little part of that history."

Contractor York was more elaborate concerning the ad from manufacturer York. "It's a good ad showing York's 130 years experience in serving America and the world with refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating equipment," he said. He did, however, have a suggestion: "There might have been an overkill on the past and not enough on 2005 and beyond."

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Publication date: 12/12/2005