Airedale said its ceiling cassettes are designed for air conditioning where low noise is essential and particularly where a through-wall or window solution is out of the question. They are designed with a slim, fire-resistant, high-impact fascia. They are available in DX or chilled-water cooling/hot water heating. The cassettes offer cooling capacities ranging from 8,000 to 45,000 Btuh, with optional reverse cycle heat pump or hot water heating on the DX version.

eProduct #200

AllStyle Coil Co.
The company offers a wide range of models, which are available in both straight air conditioning and heat pump. Each AllStyle system is designed to give reliable, precision cooling wherever it is needed, said the company. The indoor section has two-way electric air distribution, 24-hour on-off timer, and washable air filters. A sleep mode is also standard. Single- and dual-zone models are available. Power is supplied through a small low-voltage cable from the outdoor section, all designed to make them quick and easy to install, said AllStyle.

eProduct #201

Bard Manufacturing Co.
The company said its SH wall-mount heat pump is 50 percent quieter than its standard model and is ideal for new, modular, or renovated classrooms and offices. The heat pump is available in 2- to 5-ton capacities, 12 SEER efficiencies, and a variety of ventilation and de-humidification options.

eProduct #202

Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems said the duct-free units in its Streamline Series are designed to provide both cost and application flexibility for consumers, contractors, builders, and engineers. Streamline highwall units are available in 18,000-Btuh, 24,000-Btuh, and 36,000-Btuh capacities. The company said these enhance the current product offering of in-ceiling cassettes offered in 18,000-Btuh to 36,000-Btuh capacities and under-ceiling series from 18,000-Btuh to 60,000-Btuh capacity levels.

eProduct #203

Highwall units in the Streamline Series are available in capacities from 18,000 Btuh to 36,000 Btuh. The under ceiling/console Streamline Series units are offered in the 18,000 Btuh, 24,000 Btuh, and 30,000 Btuh capacity levels. The duct-free units can be used in a wide range of commercial applications, including office buildings, technology facilities, schools, and health care institutions. Carrier said its units have residential applications, too, as they can be zoned for targeted heating and cooling needs. Also available is its I-Sense remote control. This wireless, infrared smart remote is designed to allow the desired temperature to be programmed into the remote, so the temperature can be adjusted to meet the needs of the area around the remote and not the stationary unit, the company said.

eProduct #204

Daikin AC
The company said its advanced VRV-S® enables precise temperature control for each individual zone (up to five zones). Each in-door unit has an electronic expansion valve that is designed to continually control the flow of R-410A. According to the manufacturer, as climate, lighting, and occupancy cause temperature and humidity fluctuations, the VRV-S inverter-driven compressor continually adjusts to maintain the desired comfort level to within 1.0°F of the set point. The VRV-S is available in three-ton and four-ton models, one-phase power supply, and offers refrigerant piping lengths of up to 1,000 feet.

eProduct #205

ECR International/EMI
EMI said its new C2C 13-SEER single-zone condenser is the backbone to its new line of 13-SEER products. According to the manufacturer, features of its C2C condenser include an attractive, durable cabinet design for quiet, reliable, and long-operating life; durable compressor; unique U-shaped coil designed to allow for maximum heat transfer surface with the smallest footprint for optimum efficiency; and a two-piece "clam-shell style" fan/motor. EMI added that the permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor provides added starting torque, "enhancing overall system efficiency by reducing power consumption."

eProduct #206

Fedders Corp.
The company said its new Ductless mini-split air conditioner is "an affordable and economic air conditioning solution," particularly in older homes, where it can be more difficult from a structural standpoint and more costly to install ducted central air conditioning systems. The system features a rectangular wall-mounted indoor unit with a separate compressor section. The units provide a four-way air discharge deflection and air swing control, allowing the user to position the airflow for better air circulation and cooling. The unit features an anti-mold blower wheel and washable filter, an easy-to-read LED display, and a 24-hour timer. Units range from 9,000 Btuh to 22,000 Btuh.

eProduct #207

Fujitsu General America Inc.
The company expanded its Halcyon IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) ductless mini-split air conditioning lineup with the introduction of new 9,000-Btu and 12,000-Btu models. These two new models round out Fujitsu's line of 18,000-Btu and 24,000-Btu models. Both new units offer all the features and capabilities of the company's larger models, said the manufacturer, with an additional fourth "sleep mode" extra quiet fan setting. It said this new fan runs up to 23 percent quieter than conventional models. The new models are 13 SEER efficient and use R-410A.

eProduct #208

The company said its mini-split air conditioners are available in ranges from 9,000 Btu to 22,000 Btu, with a 10 SEER efficiency. All models include wireless re-mote control, designed for ease of operation even when installed in hard-to-reach spots such as ceilings or walls. Haier noted its new high-efficiency 13-SEER cooling and heat pump units will be available in 2006.

eProduct #209

Heat Controller Inc.
The Comfort-Aire line of ductless mini-splits features a low-voltage wiring connection between indoor and outdoor sections designed to make installations fast and easy. The matched combination of outdoor condenser and indoor air handler fits virtually anywhere, said the manufacturer. Models come in single-, dual-, and tri-zone versions, both air conditioning only and heat pumps. They range from 9,000 Btuh to 30,000 Btuh in single zone, and up to 36,000 Btuh in multi-zone (12,000 Btuh per zone). Comfort features include Jet Cool, which is designed to quickly cool down a room; airflow direction control; and operation mode.

eProduct #210

LG Electronics USA
The LG Art Cool air conditioner series combines functionality with design. The duct-free system offers three-way airflow with computer-controlled vanes designed to simulate a natural breeze, said the company. The Art Cool series also features an "ultra-quiet" fan and motor, a "low-sound" compressor for the outdoor unit, and the Plasma Air Purifying System, designed to remove air impurities such as microscopic contaminants, said the company. The line is offered in both single- and dual-zone models. Each indoor unit comes with a wireless remote control.

eProduct #211

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC
The Mr. Slim® MSZ12UN model features inverter compressor technology, consisting of a variable frequency drive, which allows it to use less energy while still maintaining the precise temperature setpoint, said the company. Comprised of both indoor and outdoor units, Mr. Slim split-ductless cooling and heating products are, according to the manufacturer, "ideal solutions for hot and cold spots or for situations that don't allow ductwork." The MSZ12UN model is designed to meet the 13 SEER requirement, which takes effect in January of next year.

eProduct #212

The Panasonic Split Air Conditioners are designed to minimize indoor unit noise. The separate outdoor unit can be placed up to 82 feet away using a connection pipe. The product features a cross-flow fan, designed to increase airflow to every corner of the room. These units also feature an air-purifying filter, designed to trap small airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke. Other features include one-touch air filter, removable (and washable) panel, auto restart, airflow direction control (up and down), and anti-corrosion condenser.

eProduct #213

The company said its Model AS12ABCF ductless mini-split features easy access to all major components. It is designed for an extremely low noise level, incorporates a compressor sound blanket, and features antibacterial, deodorizing, and electrostatic filters. Standard warranty covers parts for one year, compressor for five years.

eProduct #214

Sanyo HVAC
The 24KS62R/24KLS62R ductless air conditioner has a 13 SEER rating, plus it uses its own Cooleronâ„¢ refrigerant. Because of the special operating characteristics of its own refrigerant, Sanyo said it was able to produce higher operating efficiency. The advanced microprocessor-controlled system ensures that the temperature and humidity levels in every corner of the room are always comfortable without any waste of energy, according to the manufacturer. Other energy-efficient features include dry mode for dehumidification, an anti-mold filter, air-sweep control, and night setback mode.

eProduct #215

Texas Furnace Inc.
The company produces the Meridian and TFC brands of ductless mini-splits. Condensing units are available in 10-SEER and 12-SEER models, with 13-SEER models scheduled to be available by the end of this year, according to the company. The units feature scroll compressors; slow-moving, gull wing-designed condenser fans; full metal jacket; accessible service valves; one-piece extruded job piece and venturi; and strong metal grille cover. The units carry a 10-year warranty on parts and compressor on the 12-SEER models, and five years on parts and compressor on the 10-SEER models. They come with a complete line of indoor coils that match the gas furnaces, as well as a complete line of air handlers.

eProduct #216

United CoolAir Corp.
The air- or water-cooled condensing sections of a MiniCool ductless air conditioning system can be installed inside or outside, with the system capable to be split up to 250 feet from the condensing section, said the company. According to the manufacturer, MiniCool is ideal for high-rise buildings, historic sites, buildings where security is a concern, or when architectural constraints exist. The system has one, two, or three independent circuits, with one to three tons per circuit (total of nine tons). Ceiling- and wall-mounted evaporators are available, as are commercial options. Various control options are available, too.

eProduct #217

Winia USA Corp.
The company said its Model WPA-303AL delivers high performance, quality, and comfort. According to the manufacturer, it is designed with a low ambient operation, a low noise airflow system, and a bio-filtration system. It also has remote control capabilities. Capacity comes up to 30,000 Btu in floor-standing type.

eProduct #218

Publication date: 06/20/2005