Airedale said its SlimLine performer ceiling cassettes "are the perfect solution for today's energy-efficiency and comfort concerns." These systems are designed with a slim line fascia for above suspended ceilings. The cassettes are available in a choice of DX or chilled water. Cooling capacities range from 8,000 to 45,000 Btuh, providing cooling, heating, or both capacities, depending upon specific application and need. There is an optional heat pump available (on the DX model) or there is hot water heating available. The company said its product is ideal for offices, classrooms, laboratories, retail stores, conference rooms, or anywhere space is at a premium and low noise is essential. It said its system can be "easily installed or retrofitted into new or existing buildings at a fraction of the cost of other systems."

eProduct #151

Ambiance said it has plenty of 10 SEER ductless mini-splits in stock in 9,000-, 12,000-, and 18,000-Btuh cool-only units and heat pumps. All units include wireless digital remote and bilingual manuals. According to the company, the units "are very quiet." The 9,000- and 12,000-Btuh units are 110 V, whereas the 18,000-Btuh units are 240 V, said the company. It also offers 12,000-Btuh dual-pipe mobile units. Direct contractor sales are offered in all states except Pacific coast states.

eProduct #152

Bryant said its new generation of high walls use Puron® refrigerant. Included in these offerings are inverter systems that use variable-speed compressor technology designed to maximize efficiency and comfort. These systems include enhanced operating control features and accessory colored panels (9k-24k series), designed to allow consumers to use front panels that match room decor. Other features include horizontal and vertical motorized louvers (30k and 36k), optional wired control (18k – 36k), dehumidification mode, cleanable filters, automatic restart function, diagnostics, and "easier installation," according to the company.

eProduct #153

The latest line of duct-free system offerings from Carrier comprises high-wall and in-ceiling cassette systems, under-ceiling systems, and condensing units. According to the company, these products are "intelligent and cost-effective alternatives for homeowners who are looking to personalize individual rooms for separate activities." These duct-free products are small, quiet, and designed so they can be easily installed, said the company. With zoning ability for targeted heating and cooling needs, the products provide homeowners with incremental energy savings, it said. Carrier's duct-free products are also available with Puron® refrigerant.

eProduct #154

Comfort-Aire said its 13 SEER line of ductless mini-splits includes single-zone models from 9,000 to 24,000 Btuh: Dual-zone in 24,000 Btuh, and tri-zone in 36,000 Btuh. All models come in both air conditioning and heat pump platforms. Each indoor air handler is independently controlled by a remote. Features include cool, dehumidify, automatic operation, and sleep modes, plus ultraquiet operation and automatic swing action "for a gentle, breeze-like effect," said the company. Installation is simplified with low voltage connection between indoor and outdoor components, it said.

eProduct #155

Daikin AC is launching a duct-free system for light commercial applications, featuring its inverter variable-speed compressor that uses R-410A refrigerant. The company said the system fits the needs of restaurants, retail stores, and/or small offices. It comes in four different sizes, ranging from 24,000 to 42,000 Btuh. With a choice of four-way ceiling cassette or ceiling suspended indoor unit, installation is made easy and flexible, according to the company, because it has a piping length capacity of 230 feet.

eProduct #156

EMI said it has redesigned its America Series line of ductless split air conditioning systems, "making it even more versatile and efficient." According to the company, the America Series line offers both single- and multi-zones in both straight cool and heat pump. Features of this 13 SEER line include electric strip heat, R-22 refrigerant, and wall thermostat control. The unit-mounted digital control on the wall air handler is designed to allow for trouble-free operation while "the simple electrical connections on the condensate pump make service and installation hassle free," said the manufacturer. The condenser was designed to provide easy access to refrigeration gauges for uncomplicated serviceability. The company said these systems are ideal for commercial, residential, and institutional applications.

eProduct #157

According to Brian Campbell, company vice president of sales and marketing, all of Friedrich's ductless models exceed the new 13-SEER requirements. One-third of these systems boast high ratings ranging from 16.5 to 19.0 SEER, he said. All of its systems feature R-410A refrigerant. The multi-zone systems include dual-, tri-, and quad-zone configurations featuring "advanced inverter technology," designed to optimize efficiency by allowing a single outdoor condensing unit to provide precise cooling capacity for up to four individually-controlled indoor units with customized comfort set points, said the company. Applications include home zone cooling, small businesses, retail buildings, room additions or renovations, home offices, and computer rooms, as well as some warehouse buildings.

eProduct #158

The company said its 2006 Halycon lineup features 28 models in a variety of styles, including wall-mount, ceiling-suspended, cassette, universal, and a new IAQ mix-and-match multizone inverter systems with up to four zones. The manufacturer said all models exceed the new 13 SEER minimum standard. The system sports a compact footprint and offers high efficiency, according to the company. Many of the new models feature advanced electronic IAQ plasma filters for air purification, while all models include R-410A refrigerant. All new models are backed by a two-year parts and six-year compressor warranty.

eProduct #159

Tempstar's 13 SEER mini-splits are available in both single and dual air conditioner and heat pump models. The heat pumps offer 7.7 HSPF high-wall efficiency. According to Ben Yancey, ICP product manager, its new mini-splits are designed "to help dealers expand their product offerings to fulfill even the smallest heating and cooling needs; plus, they offer a quieter alternative to traditional window units." The systems are available in ¾ to 3 ton cooling capacities. On 2- through 3-ton outdoor sections, a two-stage compressor operates on one or two pistons, which the company said can produce energy savings as much as 35 percent compared to single-stage performance. It said the two-stage compressor allows homeowners to have adequate heating capacity without oversizing their cooling. Especially helpful for homeowners in Northern states, these mini-splits typically run on the low stage up to 80 percent of the time and at about 60 percent capacity, said the manufacturer. Tempstar mini-splits include five-year parts and one-year "No Hassle Replacement" limited warranty protection.

eProduct #160

The LG Art Cool Picture Model mini-split system is designed to utilize a 100 percent customizable indoor evaporator unit. An easy-open clear frame allows any picture or artwork to be inserted into the face of the unit. Anything from a family portrait to a favorite sports team logo can be utilized. The look of the unit can be changed anytime by using decorator artwork, a digital camera, or your own hand, said the company. The company encourages end users to "create their own air conditioner with LG Art Cool."

eProduct #161

The company recently unveiled its new Mr. Slim P-Series line of cooling-only and heat pump systems for the commercial and large residential markets. This series has a range of 6,000 to 45,000 Btuh, are 13 plus SEER, and use R-410A refrigerant. According to the manufacturer, the P-Series provides several cost-saving benefits, including the ability to reduce the outdoor unit sound level by four to eight dB(a). The P-Series low-ambient operation meets requirements for year-round cooling in applications such as telecommunication rooms and computer centers. A variety of indoor units are also offered to meet the end user's needs.

eProduct #162

The Rheem, Ruud, and Protech branded ductless mini-split product lines feature three-fan speeds and provide automatic fan operation. Each brand has a programmable 24-hour timer with sleep mode. For added convenience, the mini-splits include washable, permanent filters, readily available power source, 115 V, 60 Hz, and wireless remote control. These units are easy to install, said the company, and compact models "are perfect where space is limited or traditional ductwork is not possible." Models are available from 9,000 to 22,000 Btuh.

eProduct #163


Samsung said its AQB Series inverter-drive heat pump high-wall ductless mini-splits "are extremely energy efficient and user friendly." There are four units with nominal capacities from 9,000 to 24,000 Btuh. The series is available up to a 20 SEER level and up to a 10 HSPF level. The inverter drive compressor is designed to allow the system capacity "to vary dependent on the room load, leading to the high SEER levels and providing precise temperature control of the space," said the company.

eProduct #164


With its new Flexi Multi heat pump air conditioner, CMH3172, Sanyo said it is possible to connect up to four indoor units with a capacity of up to 130 percent of the outdoor unit maximum capacity in any combination. For example, it said the CMH3172 can connect two rooms with 12K and 24K capacity, 4 rooms with 9K units, or 4 rooms with two 7.5K units, one 9K, and one 12K, or any combination in between. This flexibility is accomplished, according to the company, using inverter technology, designed to not only be energy saving but whisper quiet.

eProduct #165


Turbo Air said it has many split-type systems to choose from. Capacities include 7,000, 9,000, 10,000, and 12,000 Btu. The TAS-12 unit features a wireless remote controller, self-diagnosis function, antibacteria filter, auto operation, two-way auto swing, and washable grille. Turbo Air said its units are "small and quiet with vigorous power." The TAS-12 comes in 208-230 V and 60 Hz.

eProduct #166

United CoolAir's MiniCool Ductless A/C System is de-signed to provide flexible air- or water-cooled indoor condensing with the ability to split up to 250 feet from the evaporator. The company said its MiniCool condensing units are provided with single, dual, or triple refrigeration circuits and have cooling capacities ranging from 1 to 3 tons per circuit. Also available for outdoor applications, units can be ordered with multiple commercial options.

eProduct #167

Publication date: 05/29/2006