Bryant said its high-wall, duct-free split system heat pump, with either Puron® or R-22 refrigerant, is designed to provide heating and cooling for those applications where ductwork is not available or practical. It said its whisper-quiet indoor unit has optional color panels. Meanwhile, the outdoor unit can be installed as few as 6 inches from an outdoor wall, and can be stacked for multiple installations at the same job site. The system can also support long line applications, with up to 200 feet between the outdoor and indoor units, it said.

eProduct 160

Carrier said it combines heating, cooling, and quiet operation with a multitude of features in its highwall systems. The manufacturer said it is the only manufacturer that offers 9K through 36K sizes in both Puron® refrigerant and R-22. Wired and wireless controls are available on most sizes, which the company said “make this an ideal system for many applications.”

eProduct 161

The new ComfortStar Plus mini-split heat pump systems use inverter technology and R-410A refrigerant “to give the customer more than 30 percent, and up to 40 percent, savings in energy usage over older models,” said the company. Products range from 9,000 to 24,000 Btu capacity. All ComfortStar mini-splits use Gold Fin protection, designed to minimize corrosion in high corrosive environments. All systems come standard with an active carbon electrostatic fiber filter, auto restart and memory function, fan speed controls, dry mode dehumidification setting, and more.

eProduct 162

Daikin said its original variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems allow the use of ductless and/or concealed ducted-style fan coils. The VRV system’s inverter-driven compressor technology is designed to enable the output of the outdoor unit to be modulated “to efficiently satisfy the cooling or heating demands of the zones that it serves,” said Daikin. Available in both heat pump and heat recovery formats, these 3-phase, R-410A systems allow for individual control of up to 20 fan coil units of varying capacities and types. The company said the systems have a connection ratio of 50 percent to 130 percent (8 and 16 ton), compared to outdoor unit capacity.

eProduct 163

EMI said its America series line offers both single- and multi-zones in both straight cool and heat pump. Features of this 13 SEER line include electric strip heat, R-22 refrigerant, and wall thermostat control. The unit-mounted digital control on the wall air handler is designed to allow for trouble-free operation, while the simple electrical connections on the condensate pump are designed to make service and installation “hassle free,” said the company. The condenser was designed to provide easy access to refrigeration gauges for uncomplicated serviceability. Serviceability features include side discharge and vertically arranged condenser, Duratek compressor protection package, suction accumulator, filter drier, loss of charge switch, evaporator unit mount control, and motorized supply louvers.

eProduct 164

Fujitsu General America recently introduced three new ductless split systems, enlarging its Halcyon line of R-410A inverter wall-mounted air conditioners and heat pumps. The company said its new equipment offers ultra-high efficiency - with ratings of up to 20 SEER and 10.0 HSPF. The Halcyon lineup now includes 29 systems with capacity ranges of 9,000 to 42,000 Btu, it said. The new systems include the 15RLQ, a 15,000 Btu, 20 SEER, Energy Star®-qualified heat pump; the 18RLQ, an 18,000 Btu, 19 SEER heat pump, equipped with an IAQ plasma air filter; and the 24RLQ, a 24,000 Btu, 18 SEER Halcyon heat pump. According to the manufacturer, standard features include wireless remote control, plasma filter, sleep timer, 24-hour timer, dry mode, auto louver, auto mode, quiet mode, auto restart/reset, auto changeover and efficient operation with low, or high, ambient temperatures. These models feature coil dry mode, designed to help inhibit mold and bacteria growth by reversing the cycle of refrigerant to dry out condensation in the indoor coil without changing room temperature, it said.

eProduct 165

Comfort-Aire’s DMC/DMH line of ductless mini-splits come in ratings as high as 16.1 SEER, said the company. All models come in both cooling and heat pump platforms. Highest rated are the tri-zone 36,000 Btuh models at 16.1 SEER, while the dual-zone 24,000 Btuh models come in at 14.1 SEER. Both feature dual compressor technology, designed to automatically adjust the compressor capacity as required to most closely match the load. The line also includes single-zone models from 9,000 to 24,000 Btuh at 13 SEER, and all use R-410A.

eProduct 166

The manufacturer said its Art Cool “Picture Model” mini-split system utilizes a 100 percent customizable indoor evaporator unit. An easy open clear frame allows any picture or artwork to be inserted into the face of the unit. Anything from a family portrait to a favorite sports team logo can be utilized, it said. The look of the unit can be changed anytime from decorator artwork, a digital camera, or “from your own hand,” said the company.

eProduct 167

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division recently unveiled its new Mr. Slim® M-Series line of inverter-driven, cooling-only, and heat pump products. Pictured is the MSZ-A09NA indoor model, which the manufacturer said has a cooling capacity of 9,000 Btuh and a heating capacity of 10,900 Btuh. According to Mitsubishi, the Mr. Slim MSZ-A09NA model qualifies for Energy Star-Tier 2 with a SEER of 17.0, an EER of 13.0, and an HPSF of 8.2. It said the model has sound ratings as low as 22 decibels, noting the quiet operation is the result of a reduction in refrigerant noise and new unit design. The M-Series also offers a variety of control settings, “giving each individual end user the flexibility to meet their desired temperature conditioning in all climate types.”

eProduct 168

The Airedale cassette units are designed to “effectively make each area served an independent controlled-temperature zone,” said the company. To properly match units to job requirements, cassette units are available in a choice of two models: DX cooling (13 SEER) with five sizes, and chilled-water cooling, with six sizes. Optional heating can be provided by factory-installed electric heat or hot-water modules, depending on model, said the company. Design techniques are incorporated to reduce noise levels. These techniques include low blower speeds, rigid panel and cabinet construction, and sound-absorbent cabinet insulation, the company said. For individual comfort, Airedale cassettes are equiped with a wall-mounted thermostat. For even more flexibility, an optional microprocessor-based controller with an infrared transmitter is available, designed to enable room conditions to be maintained at a user-defined set point.

eProduct 169

Samsung said its AQB Series inverter-drive heat pump high wall ductless mini-splits “are extremely energy efficient and user friendly.” Four units, with nominal capacities from 9,000 to 24,000 Btuh (cooling and heating), are available with a SEER level of up to 20 and an HSPF level of up to 10, said the company. The inverter drive compressor is designed to allow the system capacity to vary depending on the room load, leading to the high SEER levels and providing precise temperature control of the space, it said.

eProduct 170

Sanyo said its ductless mini-split Flexi-Multi heating and cooling products provide individual cooling or heating and improved air quality to residential and light commercial buildings. The ductless split air conditioner/heat pump products can connect up to four rooms in a variety of configurations from one outdoor unit using up to 130 percent of its total capacity, said the company.

eProduct 171

The company said the indoor units of its Soleus Air industrial mini-split air conditioners feature “very elegant design to suit any decoration.” The electronic system is designed to provide three minutes of anti-short cycle protection for the compressor, “which guarantees total system integrity,” it said. Other features include programmable timer, LCD wireless remote, automatic and manual selection of three-stage fan speed, and a “dry” mode, designed to reduce water vapor by computerized dehumidification. The outdoor units have “modern cabinet design to suit the building decorations,” it said. Other features include inner-grooved pipes and slit fins, designed to increase the heat exchange rate and decrease power consumption.

eProduct 172

The company said its new TAS-09SVH mini-split heat pump system uses an inverter compressor with R-410A. It saves 20 percent or more on electricity compared to the company’s older 10 SEER model, it said. For better air circulation of room unit, it has variable airflow mode (wide/focus). The system comes with a plasma ion air purifying system, nano- silver pre-filter, anti-bacterial filter, and active carbon filter. The new Arpeggio-style design “gives you a new look to your room,” said the company.

eProduct 173

United CoolAir Corp. said its MiniCool ductless system operates much like other ductless systems, using wall- or ceiling-mounted evaporators. But unlike most other condensing sections that require an outdoor location, MiniCool is completely internal to the building, it said. According to the manufacturer, this key feature gives contractors flexibility to install ductless systems in high-rise buildings. When using a MiniCool air-cooled system, the condensing section can be positioned at or near an outside wall. Standard ducting can be installed as needed to exhaust waste heat outside or to a suitable area using a centrifugal blower, the company said. In situations where ducting waste heat is not an option, the MiniCool can be specified with a water-cooled condensing section. And for even greater flexibility, United CoolAir said it has engineered the MiniCool condensing section to be split up to 250 equivalent feet from the fan coils. The MiniCool can be tailored to suit any project specification with a combination of evaporators, circuits, tonnage requirements, and options, it said.

eProduct 174

Publication date:04/30/2007