The battery-powered temperature data logger EL-USB-1 has direct USB interface. Using the software supplied, the data logger, The EL-USB-1 can be configured to measure temperatures from -13 degrees to 176 degrees F (-25 degrees to 80 degrees C). User-selectable logging intervals range from 10 seconds to 12 hours. It has a memory capacity of more than 16,000 readings. The EL-USB-1 has user-selectable programmable high- and low-temperature alarms, which are shown locally by a bright red LED and can be set to remain active once an alarm level has been triggered. Additional green and amber LEDs inform the user of other logger conditions, such as memory capacity and battery status. To use, plug the unit into a USB socket on a PC for instant downloading and graphing of logged data. Once the data has been downloaded, the logger can be reconfigured instantly for the next application.

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