Lascar Electronics Inc.: Temperature Wireless Data LoggerAdded to the temperature wireless data logging line, the EL-WIFI-T measures the ambient temperature. Data is transmitted wirelessly via a Wi-Fi network to a host PC and viewed on screen showing the logger’s current status, a graph of all logs since the session was started, or any alarm reached during the logging session. Multiple units can be set up on the same Wi-Fi network, including other temperature and temperature/humidity variants of the manufacturer’s Wi-Fi range, viewable at the same time on screen. To program it initially, connect the unit to the PC just once and choose its settings. Choices include selecting a preferable Wi-Fi network, naming the device, choosing Fahrenheit or Celsius, deciding sample rates, setting high and low alarms, and choosing the transmit rate of data back to the PC. Once programmed, it can then be placed anywhere within range of the Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi signal strength is shown on the sensor display and can assist in the optimal placement of the units. If the Wi-Fi network is lost at any time in the logging session, or the sensor temporarily loses connectivity within the network, it will store readings on-board until it is able to communicate again with the PC application. The unit can store up to 500,000 readings internally.

Lascar Electronics Inc.

eProduct 182 

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