DALLAS - The Service Roundtable presented air conditioning industry executive, Ron Smith (pictured above, left), with the industry's Servant Leader Award. The Servant Leader Award recognizes a lifetime of industry leadership through service.

"I am very proud of this honor," said Smith. "I've been a very active participant in the air conditioning and heating industry for 44 years. The industry has been very good to me and I have tried to give back by helping people and companies become more successful."

Service Roundtable has also introduced an intelligent e-mail summary digest, making it simple for members to manage large volumes of discussion list mail.

When members select digest mode, they receive a single e-mail containing all of the previous day's contractor roundtable postings by subject with a hypertext index at the top. Contractors click on the subjects of interest, while ignoring the rest.

"The number one complaint we receive from members is the volume of mail," said Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel (pictured above, right). "It's a quantity, not a quality issue. We monitor the contractor roundtables to ensure they remain business focused, but the volume of information can be a little overwhelming. The intelligent digest reduces the volume to a single daily e-mail and makes it simple for contractors to zero in on topics of critical interest to their businesses."

Michel said the Service Roundtable is the only company in the world with this type of digest. "Helping contractors improve is the focus of the Service Roundtable."

Publication date: 10/24/2005