Timecard, a Get It Now application, enables employees to log time, attendance, and job information via a mobile timesheet directly from their wireless phones. It is a two-part, Web-based software product. It enables mobile professionals to log clock-in times, break times, job categories, and clock-out times, as well as accessing past and present timesheet information, eliminating the need for paperwork transactions. Ideal for employees that are on a site for long periods of time, Timecard captures task and time information without the user having to go back to the office, the company says. Also, it helps administrators view the status of employees at any time for accurate budgeting and customer service responses.

Econz Wireless, 3919 Westerly Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660; 949-251-0178; www.econz.com, www.timecard.econz.com, or www.eservice.econz.com

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