Georgeann Russo, Aerco’s marketing manager, discusses her company’s boiler management system with a distributor. The Aerco BMS is designed to enable facility managers to integrate boilers into energy management systems.
ORLANDO, Fla. - Attendees of the 2005 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) saw many new product demonstrations from manufacturers of hydronics-related equipment.

Aerco International Inc. ( got expo attendees excited with its enhanced C-Moreâ„¢ unit controller and Aerco BMS, a multiple-unit boiler management system with Modus technology. The controls enable facility managers to integrate Aerco's gas-fired boilers and water heaters into building energy management systems (EMS). This enhanced BMS was recognized with an honorable mention in the AHR 2005 Innovation Awards.

Amtrol Inc. ( highlighted its new BoilerMateâ„¢ Top Downâ„¢ Series water heaters, which feature connections on top for fast installation and easy maintenance. The coil is piped horizontally to the exterior of the tank with slots for easy removal if cleaning is needed. The heaters have a WH-7 design with a seamless plastic liner and a SC-5000 heat exchanger.

Armstrong Pumps ( announced the launch of its Integrated Plant Controllers (IPC). These ultra-efficient chiller plant controllers use the patented Hartman Loopâ„¢. The new IPC provides total chilled-water plant efficiencies of better than 0.7 kW/ton for the entire plant, the company said. This includes the cooling tower fans, cooling tower pumps, chiller compressor, and distribution pumps. This efficiency is achieved through integrated speed and sequencing control calculations based on the Hartman Loop to optimize the entire plant (as opposed to separate control of each piece of equipment).

Maggie Reed Lutz, marketing representative for ECR International, discusses features of Dunkirk’s Quantum 95-200M gas-fired direct-vent condensing hot water boiler with Mark Belcher, ECR regional sales representative.
Danfoss( introduced the Convec® packaged hydronic heating-cooling system, which is coupled with a high-efficiency axial fan. The system forces air over a heat transfer tube and silently warms or cools a room within minutes. Convec hydronic panels are available in two configurations: the InLine (for wall and ceiling applications) and FloorLine (for floor applications). The panels can be adjusted to fit any length or angle, the company said.

Dunkirk ( featured the Quantum 95-200M gas-fired, direct-vent condensing hot water boiler, what it calls "the most efficient modulating boiler available." Its features include 95-percent-AFUE efficiency, firing at a minimum of 80 MBtuh and maximum of 200 MBtuh, and cast aluminum heat exchanger construction.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( upgraded its line of commercial-grade thermal expansion valves for use in air conditioning units and chillers. "The TFE [Series] valve is an ideal commercial air conditioning product because it provides a reliable, efficient, and effective solution for a wide range of applications," said Al Maier, vice president of application engineering. "The TFE is also ideal for use with higher-pressure, environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R-410A."

Eurotherm ( released the 2704BC boiler controller. It is an electronic control that "addresses all aspects of package boiler control, including pressure, level, and total dissolved solids (TDS) control," the company said. The controller can be connected to industry-standard conductivity probes that measure TDS levels. Once this is measured, the control determines whether or not to activate the boiler's continuous blowdown valves.

Grundfos ( introduced its SuperBrute three-stage wet rotor circulation pump. Grundfos' Russ Rose told The News that the SuperBrute is "the only three-stage circulation pump on the market." The choice in operating range allows the pump to replace many single-speed models.

The pump includes an integrated, removable check valve designed for minimal friction loss, making it an ideal choice for zoning hydronic heating systems because it eliminates backflow from adjacent zone pumps, Rose said.

Mark Lasewicz, Patterson-Kelley director of heat transfer (left), talks about the Mach boilers with distributor Mike Burdette.
Laars Heating Systems( took the wraps off its Pennant boiler and water heater design in the small sizes: 200, 300, and 400 MBtu. The boiler and water heater features sealed combustion, electronic controls, 85-percent efficiency, and two-stage firing for residential and small commercial applications, the company said. It will be available for the fall 2005 heating season.

Patterson-Kelley ( highlighted its C-300, C-450, C-750, C-900, and C-1050 MACH boilers. The company says that these boilers can reduce fuel bills up to 80 percent. The boiler's features include a small footprint, ability to fit in narrow spaces, factory-authorized startup, and five-year warranty on the heat exchanger and burner.

RBI Water Heaters ( featured its Dominatorâ„¢ Series multistage boilers. The high-efficiency (84 percent) boiler has a sealed combustion chamber that can use either outside air or mechanical room air for combustion. The chamber design features fan assist, multispeed blowers, and state-of-the-art staging control.

Rehau's ( Insulpex® energy transfer pipe includes 16 new sizes that comply with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. More than 50 Everloc® fittings complete the updated product offering.

Taco Hydronic Systems ( introduced a multipurpose valve that combines a shutoff valve, nonslam check valve, balancing valve, and flow measuring device. It can be converted in the field from a straight pattern to a right-angle pattern. The valve is available in sizes from 1.5 to 12 inches.

Takagi ( showed off its new T-H1 tankless water heater. It is capable of handling domestic water heating and radiant heating. It is also "an excellent choice for commercial applications," according to the company. Hiro Yamada, Takagi marketing manager, said the T-H1 employs preheating technology that provides greater efficiency and reliability.

Unico Inc. ( introduced the UniChiller RC outdoor heating-cooling unit. The UniChiller RC provides chilled water for cooling and reverses cycles to provide hot water for heating. It can be located at remote distances from the structure, eliminating the impact of the unit's location on the building aesthetics, the company said.

Watts Radiant ( showed expo attendees its WarmWire from SunTouch, an electric floor warming system that is wire applied. The heating elements are installed with 2-, 2.5-, or 3-inch spacings and snapped into the WireStrap.

Publication date: 02/28/2005