ATLANTA, GA —The Newscaught up with manufacturers at the recent AHR Expo to see what was new in the field of hydronics.

A.O. Smith (Irving, TX) featured its application-specific motors and drives, which serve most commercial and industrial markets, including hydronic applications. The company introduced an expanded line of cast-iron Century® Industrial E-Plus® motors. The line now includes two additional speeds, 60 through 400 hp, 3,600 rpm; and 50 through 400 hp, 1,200 rpm.

Hurst Boiler (Coolidge, GA) introduced its new steam and water boiler for 2001. The Series 500 is a four-pass Scotch Marine type with a wet back design. The company said its Series 500 evolved from the need for a more efficient unit that would install in the same location as a two-pass boiler. The addition of the four-pass complements the company’s three-pass 400 Series. The boiler features a front mount stack outlet and installation can be achieved without modifications to a boiler room. It is available from 100 to 1,500 bhp and pressures to 250 psi.

Lochinvar (Nashville, TN) featured its Intelli-Fin™. The company said it is the first water heater or boiler in the industry to employ LonWorks technology, which now enables total building management via an open network. A digital display on the front of the boiler allows access to 21-plus different data points, including mode of operation and total time run. Remote monitoring and control access are also available through phone lines. Currently, three models ranging from 1.5 million to 2.0 million Btu are available with features such as venting options, including conventional, sidewall, vertical direct, and horizontal direct venting.

PVI Industries (Fort Worth, TX) recently introduced its ISX Series, an “instantaneous steam water heating system.” The ISX Series utilizes a pressure sensitive control system that requires no electricity, only steam and water to operate, the company said. This technology allows for fewer connections resulting in lower installation/operating costs. A fail-safe designed temperature control valve provides an unlimited supply of consistently tempered hot water, it said. The series can handle 5 gpm to 120 gpm, 120°F to 185°F, with supply steam pressure from 15 psi to 150 psi.

Slant/Fin (Greenvale, NY) featured its Cast-Iron gas boilers. Models available include: the Sentinel, the “workhorse” boiler for most new or replacement hot water boiler requirements; the Sentry, featuring a lower profile to satisfy a wide variety of gas boiler requirements; the Galaxy, labeled “extremely versatile”; and the Victory II, used in homes, apartments, individually metered condos, or anywhere a chimney may not be practical.

Watts Heatway (Springfield, MO), the company emerging as a result of Watts Industries purchase of Heatway in August 2000, continues looking to expand into markets related to its existing product lines, such as Onix, E-Pex, E-PexB, Hydro-Controls, and HeatWeave. Speaking of Heat-Weave, this floor-warming product is designed for small areas such as a kitchen or bathroom and employs an “S” shaped pattern for easy installation. For plumbing the company offers E-Pex tubing and Crimp-Ring fittings, a clean, corrosion-resistant way to plumb water lines at all residential fixtures. The company also recently introduced a Staple Gun Extension Arm for use with Onix and E-PexB staple guns.

Publication date: 03/19/2001