Denis Marino, Burnham Boiler president, provides visitors with an overview of the company’s history.
LANCASTER, Pa. - A busload of 45 people in town for Wetstock IV had the opportunity to tour three of the Burnham Boiler manufacturing facilities a day before the scheduled meeting.

The group was greeted by the Burnham management team, which was headed by President Denis Marino. "We like to bring people here to see what we do," Marino said.

"The bottom line to our products is that they are made by people," he told those taking the tour. "And we always want to be better. So please give us your comments."

A brief history lesson on the company included these facts:

  • The first boilers built in the 1840s were designed to heat greenhouses.

  • Burnham Boiler was founded in 1919.

  • The company's boilers are made in the United States.

  • Burnham acquired American Standard boilers in 1975, "vaulting the company into the hydronics business."

  • The company moved to Lancaster in 1987.

    Timmie McElwain (left) asks a question as Burnham employee Glenn Stanton looks on.
    The company introduced attendees to a new program titled "The Burnham Advantage® - Our total commitment to you."

    The program lists 45 reasons why customers should do business with Burnham, listing them under the heading "The products. The people. The complete package."

    The tour included three facilities: Lancaster Metal Manufacturing, where metal components are made and some equipment is assembled; the Cast Iron Plant, where cast iron boilers are made; and the City Line Plant, which handles final assembly and shipping.

    Burnham sponsored an Amish luncheon at the Good 'N Plenty restaurant in nearby Smoketown following the tour.

    The group then sat down for a question-and-answer session with Burnham management and engineers. Attendees were encouraged to give frank assessments of the Burnham products and detail how the company can do a better job of responding to their needs.

    For more information on the Burnham Advantage, call 800-722-0720.

    Publication date: 05/24/2004