Inside the friendly confines of the New York Yankees' dugout are Ray Picheco (left), of Derby, Conn., and Al Munroe Jr. (right), owner of Albert L. Munroe Jr. Plumbing & Heating Inc., Milford, Conn. Being a diehard Yankees fan, Munroe enjoyed sitting where his favorite major league baseball players sit during a game at Yankee Stadium.
BRONX, N.Y. - Al Munroe Jr. was in Yankee heaven. Literally. The contractor from Milford, Conn., could not believe he was sitting in the same dugout occupied by the 2006 New York Yankees, as well as former players who wore the Yankee pinstripes. This was the one-and-only Yankee Stadium and the owner of Albert Munroe Plumbing & Heating Inc. was savoring every minute of being chauffeured about in this hallowed ballpark.

"It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Munroe would say later.

Munroe could thank Burnham Hydronics for giving him this memorable opportunity recently (Sept. 7 of this year). On this warm, near-the-end-of-summer evening, the Lancaster, Pa.-based manufacturer held the last of its four "Step Up to the Big Leagues with Burnham Hydronics" event - and the grand finale was held in George Steinbrenner's backyard, so to speak.

Munroe was one of nearly 500 New York/New Jersey-area contractor-dealer customers of Burnham, as well as local wholesalers, who accepted the company's invitation to spend an evening at Yankee Stadium. Attendees were able to see, first-hand, some of the company's new products, including the CHG condensing high-efficiency gas water boiler and the yet-to-be-announced MegaSteam oil-fired steam boiler. (For a quick review of what Burnham had on display, see sidebar, page 45.) In addition, co-sponsors Taco, Honeywell, Beckett, Hydrolevel, and Heat Fab were on hand and exhibited selected products.

"All four events that were held this year were designed to provide us an opportunity to meet with and share hospitality with our contractor-dealer customers, as well as the wholesalers, in each area," explained Ken Niemi, marketing/advertising manager, Burnham Hydronics. "Each event was a ‘non-game-day' event, which allowed our customers to see the insides of the park that would be impossible when a game was being played."

For Munroe, the latter experience was ... well, unbelievable.

"Being a Yankee fan my whole life, it was something that I always wanted to experience," he said. "Now I can say that I have walked and sat where all of the great Yankees have."

Taking a second to reflect, he added, "I think the best part was sitting in the dugout knowing that all the previous Yankee greats have sat there. It was pretty special to me."


All invited contractors and wholesalers were asked to first report to the Stadium Club, where each was treated to a welcoming gift bag, food, and refreshments. Throughout the Stadium Club, Burnham and its co-sponsors had product displayed, too. Featured items included the PVG high-efficiency, power-vent, gas boiler and the SCG sealed combustion, direct-vent gas boiler.

"As a career-long Burnham equipment user and advocate, I always enjoy seeing new products and taking part in the many outstanding promotions they offer," commented Munroe, who has been in business for 25 years. "I believe Burnham equipment is the best on the market today."

At this event, Munroe zeroed in on the company's new line of gas-fired boilers, mainly because 80 percent of his business is house renovations and/or remodels. Just don't ask him to give particulars on the new products he saw live and in color.

"At this time, I can't really give you specifics because I didn't have enough time the day of the promotion," he said the day of the event. "I will absolutely be researching all information regarding the new gas equipment for the upcoming heating season."

Munroe even threw out a compliment for local Burnham representatives Chris Massey, Jack Welch, and Mark Collins. "They are the main reasons that Burnham is, to me, the leader in the heating industry," he praised. "Their technical knowledge and field support have always been outstanding."

After a slight pause, he had to add a thank you to Prisco Panza, owner of the local Shelton Winnelson Supply Co., "for his unwavering help, support, and advice on almost a daily basis."

Most attendees echoed Munroe's glowing remarks regarding Burnham, his/her respective Burnham representative, and the entire evening, which was filled with both information and fun.

"Contractors and dealers were excited to see these and the many new products that Burnham has recently introduced," said Niemi.

Burnham's initial promotional plunge was held at the home of the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular field in Chicago on June 28. According to Niemi, nearly 500 people attended the event and were treated to tours of the inside workings of U.S. Cellular Field.

The second and third events were held at Fenway Park in Boston, home of the Boston Red Sox. Those two events were held on Aug. 23 and Aug. 29, respectively. Again, each Boston ballpark event brought in nearly 500 customers each.

"The spirit of the attendees was almost unbelievable," said Niemi. "It was exciting to meet with our customers in such a great venue. The comments we received about the event were nothing but outstanding: ‘Great location.' ‘Great event.' ‘Great company!' "

Dan O'Brien (left) and Walter Fricke (right), each from Engle & Fricke, Emerson, N.J., listen to Mark Collins (center) discuss the value of MPO, the new high efficiency boiler from Burnham Hydronics at the company's "Step Up To The Big Leagues" event held at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Sept. 7. Collins is a technical and sales support person with Burnham.


And, let's face it: Even though the new products shown by the event's sponsors were innovative and new, it was the opportunity to be on the grounds of Yankee Stadium, to eat inside the Stadium Club, to stroll through the Yankees' clubhouse/locker room, and just to breathe the Yankee air that drew the large turnout.

Guests not only were ushered around the park, but each had the opportunity to step inside the Yankee locker room plus explore Yankees Monument Park, located beyond the center field wall. Here some of the Yankee greats, including George Herman "Babe" Ruth, are honored with a memorial plaque, statue, or both.

"Going to Yankee Stadium was great, and I'll never forget the trip," said Munroe. "The Burnham staff and representatives at the event were enthusiastic and helpful, as always, introducing me to some of the new products."

Another light bulb went on before Munroe left for home.

"I even purchased a new Burnham MPO oil-fired boiler for my own home," said the contractor who serves nearby New Haven and Fairfield counties.

Niemi termed it "an incredible fitting end to a great tour with Burnham Hydronics and the co-sponsoring companies."

As far as the future is concerned, Niemi said Burnham is looking into other great possibilities to get together with its customers "and share some great experiences."

"No definitive plans as to the location and types of events have been made for 2007 at this point," he said. "Many people were wondering how we will ‘match' the excitement of these events next year. It is a challenge."

Sidebar: Products Display

BRONX, N.Y. - Burnham Hydronics rolled out many new and yet-formally-introduced products for selected contractors, wholesalers, and customers to view and explore at all four of its summer "Step Up to the Big Leagues with Burnham Hydronics" events.

At the fourth and grand finale, held at Yankee Stadium Sept. 7, some of the new equipment that the manufacturer featured inside the Stadium Club included:

  • MegaSteamâ„¢, which Burnham boasts as being an 86 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) oil-fired steam boiler. According to Ken Niemi, marketing and advertising manager for Burnham, the Energy Star®-certified boiler was formally introduced at the ISH North America Trade Show last month.

    According to the company, four sizes will be available, ranging from 287 to 628 square feet of steam, plus 0.75-1.65 gallons per hour (gph). It has a new, unique three-pass design, and has a high-corrosion resistance, it said. There is also a tankless heater available.

  • CHGâ„¢ ("Condensing, High Efficiency, Gas") water boiler, which the manufacturer claims achieves 94-plus percent efficiency through its uniquely designed heat engines. According to Burnham, these sectional, cast aluminum designs use the heat in the exhaust gases from the boiler's combustion process to preheat the water as it enters the boiler, "thus capturing energy that otherwise would be lost."

  • MPOâ„¢ high-efficiency boiler, supplies oil-fired, hot-water heating comfort, it said. Options include direct-vent or natural draft. By combining "an innovative design" with Burnham's cast iron construction, the company said MPO can provide homeowners "a lifetime of durability and trouble-free performance." It has an efficiency of 87 percent AFUE.

  • PVGâ„¢ high-efficiency, power-vent, gas boiler, has annual fuel efficiencies of 85-plus percent, said the company. Features include "American made" parts, in that the company builds the system in Lancaster, Pa., Burnham's headquarters. Burnham Holdings also owns and operates a state-of-the-art foundry in Zanesville, Ohio, where cast iron sections for PVG are made. The USA-made cast iron heat exchanger on the PVG is covered by Burnham's lifetime True Blue limited warranty. The company said with the additional purchase of its Winter Warmth Assurance plan, this extends the True Blue protection of the entire boiler to 5-or 10-year blanket coverage, including labor, it said.

  • SCGâ„¢, a high-efficiency, sealed combustion, direct-vent gas boiler, is also assembled in Lancaster and features the cast iron sections made in Zanesville.

    For more information regarding Burnham's products, go to www.

    Publication date: 11/13/2006