Type GD gas detection sensor transmitters are designed to meet the requirements of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration and are available in versions for ammonia (type GDA), halocarbons (type GDHF), hydrocarbons (type GDH), and carbon dioxide (GDC). They can act as stand-alone detectors with readout and connection to a local or remote onsite alarm, or they can be wired to a compatible monitoring system. Supply voltage can be 12-24 or 12-30 VDC, with a maximum power input of 4 W. Analog output is 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, or 0-5 V. There are two digital outputs with NO and NC contacts for low-level and high-level alarms. A connection gland is incorporated for 6-13 mm cable. A liquid crystal display is optional.

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