Visitors to can find some useful information regarding HVACR licensing. The following is a sample of the Q&A topics:

  • Does the state of Arkansas require a license to do HVACR work? Yes. Act 277 of 1991 established the HVACR Law in Arkansas requiring persons doing this type of work to be licensed.

  • Is there a mechanical code requirement in Arkansas? Yes. The HVACR law established the HVACR Board and the Board adopted the Arkansas Mechanical Code to regulate HVACR work.

  • Is my EPA certification good enough or do I still need a state license? The EPA certification is a federal program for handling refrigerant and is not related to the requirements for licensing by the state. You must hold an HVACR license to perform HVACR work in Arkansas.

  • Does my Arkansas license exempt me from certification for refrigerant work? No. The state license covers all phases of HVACR work including refrigerant work, but the EPA certification is required for handling refrigerant in any form.

  • What types of licenses are available and how much do they cost? There are three classes of licenses: A, B, and C. The Class A costs $200 per year, the Class B costs $150 per year, and the Class C costs $100 per year.

  • What do the different classes of licenses allow me to do? The Class A license holder is unlimited in the scope of work and any tonnage restrictions. The Class B license holder is limited to service and installation of units 15 tons or less per unit. The Class C license holder is limited to service and maintenance only for units 15 tons and smaller.

    Publication date: 03/08/2004