Ken Ford (left), Fedders national sales manager, and Don Renteria, northern regional sales manager, show off their new outdoor units.
CHICAGO — A wide spectrum of air-to-air heat pumps — commercial and residential, package terminal and larger models designed for schools — were shown at the 2003 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Amana Heating & Air Conditioning (Fayetteville, Tenn.) introduced its C Model package terminal heat pump (PTHP), promoting its efficiency: “One guest that will save you up to 25%!” The unit offers EERs of up to 11.6 and COPs up to 3.3.

According to the company, its C Model also features room freeze protection, whereby the unit’s fan and electric or hydronic heat are activated when the unit senses temperatures of 40 degrees F; large controls that are easier for guests to read; enhanced dehumidification capacity; and remote thermostat control capability, eliminating the need for add-ons.

Bard Manufacturing Co. (Bryan, Ohio) featured the quietness of its QTec™ Series heat pump, designed to be installed in classrooms. Noise reduction is achieved with a “soft start/stop” ECM variable-speed motor and the use of sound-absorbing insulation materials, the company said.

The unit also applies an energy-recovery ventilator to address IAQ requirements. A dehumidification circuit can be added for use with a humidistat option.

Split heat pumps from Comfort-Aire (Jackson, Mich.) offer “the option of matching components to specific requirements for superior efficiency,” the company said. Such component matching could also benefit contractors working in humid climates.

The heat pump’s serviceability is aided by a conveniently located, waterproof control box, the company said. The line’s 12-SEER units have scroll compressors; the 10-SEER units come with a hermetic compressor.

Eubank, A Fedders Company (Longview, Texas), featured CH 12 Series heat pumps. The units feature G-90 galvanized-steel construction; rifled copper tubes; acrylic-enamel-coated aluminum fin refrigerant coils; a “rugged” heat pump compressor; vinyl-coated fan and condenser coil guards; a permanently lubricated PSC fan motor; and a low-voltage terminal board for installation.

The series also offers 10-plus-SEER ratings, HSPF ratings up to 7.2, cooling capacities from 22,000 to 56,000 Btu, and heating capacities from 21,000 to 57,500 Btu.

Joseph Dutcheson, general manager for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, with the company's gas engine heat pump.
Fujitsu General America(Fairfield, N.J.) displayed its cassette-type, flush-mount heat pumps (also available in air conditioning models). The units are available in 18,000- and 24,000-Btu capacities.

Lennox Industries (Richardson, Texas) displayed its L Series commercial heat pumps. The units feature thermostatic expansion valves, slab outdoor condenser coils to facilitate coil cleaning, and a slide-out blower deck that provides easy access to belts, wheels, drives, and motors.

The series’ solid-state control “manages every function with digital accuracy,” the company said. The Integrated Modular Control helps identify problems, lower operating costs, and reduce stress on the unit. In addition, it is compatible with the L Connection Network and third-party control systems.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Rancho Dominguez, Calif.) used the show to introduce its gas engine heat pumps (GHP) and electric inverter-controlled heat pumps (KX), in addition to its mini-split ceiling-recessed ducted heat pumps and ceiling-recessed ducted straight cooling.

The GHP is available as a 11-ton, single-phase unit, and as a 15-ton, three-phase unit. The KX is available in an 8-ton capacity. The KX and GHP are said to be quiet (less than 30 db) and therefore suitable for schools, hospitals, labs, and offices.

Nordyne (O’Fallon, Mo.) introduced its Maytag and Tappan “ultra-high-efficiency” 16-SEER heat pumps using R-410A. Production of 3-, 4-, and 5-ton units is set to begin in the second quarter of this year.

The company also rolled out a new Steel Guard™ casing for Gibson, Kelvinator, Maytag, and Philco split system heat pumps. The new encasement is available for 10-, 12-, and 13-plus-SEER units.

The booth of Samsung Electronics (Gyeonggi-Do, Korea) and Quietside Corp. (Whittier, Calif.) featured the Samsung DVM™ (digital variable multi) heat pumps: a single-phase residential unit with a 5-hp outdoor unit, and a three-phase, 10-hp outdoor unit for commercial applications such as schools.

Both models operate with a digital scroll compressor with a solenoid valve that can operate down to -20 degrees, the company said.

The York Unitary Products Group (Norman, Okla.) displayed its Stellar™ Series heat pumps, with their compact design, powder coat finish, compressor mounts, fancoil guards, and solid-core filter-driers.

Publication date: 02/17/2003