A familiar topic in hvacr — remanufacturing — has received a boost from an author who calls it “America’s secret weapon.” The author profiles a compressor company, citing it as an example of correct remanufacturing procedures.

Robert Lund, a Boston University professor, has written a chapter on the technology for the textbook The American Edge.

Among companies cited by Lund is Dallas Hermetic, a remanufacturer of compressors for the hvac industry.

According to officials from Dallas Hermetic, the company “fit Lund’s formula for success, which includes a finished product that’s as good as or better than new — including upgrading when available — with a warranty that meets or exceeds the original warranty, and an extensive inventory of remanufactured compressors ready for delivery.”

Company president Bob Powell Jr. noted that Dallas Hermetic was the first independent remanufacturer of hvac compressors in the United States to gain ISO 9002 certification.


In his report on American remanufacturing, The Remanufacturing Industry, Hidden Giant, Lund noted that remanufacturing overall is about a $53 billion/year business. Lund said there were 70,000 firms in the sector, employing about 500,000 people. He said there is remanufacturing in more than 83 different product areas, compressors being one.

The compressor remanufacturing process (as done by Dallas Hermetic) calls for compressors and subassemblies to be completely disassembled. All gaskets, rings, piston valves, and valve reeds are discarded, along with any other parts that do not pass first inspection.

The remaining parts are cleaned in a three-step process, then hand inspected. Components that do not meet factory specs are thrown out.

Parts are then replaced, repaired, or refurbished. Those parts are then inspected and tested. All bolt torques and running gear tolerances are set to original factory specs. Valve reeds and rings are dry tested for seal and fit.

Compressors are then assembled and run tested. Amp draw, oil pressure, sound, and other factors are measured and kept on file.

Dallas Hermetic officials said their remanufactured compressors can be purchased at 35% to 55% or more below normal market prices of comparable new products.

Lund said remanufacturing conserves raw material and energy. He said for every kWh of energy spent in remanufacturing, about 5 kWh are recaptured. He said this is achieved considering the original labor spent making the product and the value of capital plants and equipment used in the process.

Publication date: 06/03/2002