Parker’s E-Port electronic pressure regulator.
ANAHEIM, Calif. - New products and new services were announced by Parker Hannifin during the 2004 AHR Expo. At a media gathering at the event, the company introduced a new oil filter designed to remove particles down to 2 microns. It utilizes an O-ring seal designed to prevent contaminant bypass. In addition, Parker said that its oil filters provide lower initial pressure drop and more contaminant hold capacity.

"Our oil filters offer superior performance because of Parker's industry-leading filtration technology," said Neil McAllister, marketing manager for Parker.

Also new to Parker is the E-Port electronic pressure regulator (EPR), which is designed to provide precise variable flow control for supermarket refrigeration case applications. According to Parker, the E-Port's direct temperature control is an improvement over mechanical EPRs, ensuring less product loss and shrinkage, and eliminating mechanical valve adjustments.

Key to the E-Port's performance is patent-pending, variable-flow piston passage technology. The technology allows varying amounts of fluid to flow past the piston at different points in the stroke.

The company also announced an agreement with Sensistor Technologies based in Sweden. Parker's Climate & Industrial Controls Group will represent Sensistor's complete line of industrial detection systems in the U.S market, including its flagship product, H2000, which uses hydrogen as a tracer gas to detect leaks.

Two new programs are available through Parker. The Parker24 service provides refrigerant distributors to the replacement air conditioning/refrigeration coil market. By calling Parker24, replacement coil manufacturers or service technicians can get any distributor, in any configuration, in any quantity, within 24 hours, the company said.

The other new program is Parker Plusâ„¢. The program looks to reduce costs and improve profitability for air conditioning and refrigeration OEMs. Parker can design, braze, assemble and deliver product subsystems to customers. Subsystems can consist of any number of Parker products, including copper tubing, filter-driers, solenoid valves, flow controls, service valves, and pressure regulators.

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Publication date: 02/16/2004