The Data Manager system has been designed for the commercial refrigeration sector. It is a front-end panel that sits in the customer's premises and monitors everything that is connected to it. It is used for monitoring temperature and managing the conditions in which food is stored and displayed. This can include mercury controllers for display case control, cold room and compressor rack control, probe monitors, energy metering equipment, relative humidity, and input/output devices. Features include remote access using standard browser software, USB ports for data access, energy saver program choices, and Data Builder drag-and-drop PLC software choices. The Data Manager connects to all the devices using a standard cat 5 network. It can also be connected to a LAN or WAN network. Over 130 timer channels as well as multiple probe and input types are available. The manufacturer also provides a 24/7 bureau to monitor the status of clients' equipment.

Resource Data Management Ltd., 80 Johnstone Ave., Hillington, Glasgow G52 4NZ Scotland, United Kingdom; 0141-810-2828; 0141-810-2829 (fax);

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