INDIANAPOLIS, IN — ICOR International has announced that another original equipment manufacturer

will be producing products that use NU-22, the company’s non-ozone depleting replacement for R-22.

Virtis, an SP Industries Company and provider of freeze-drying technology, will begin producing equipment that uses NU-22. Virtis manufactures a variety of environmentally friendly systems for the biotechnology, bio-chemical, agricultural research, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.

“NU-22 provides us with a practical, environmentally safe solution to the replacement of R-22,” said Ted Sutherland, vice president of Virtis. “The majority of freeze dryers sold call for cascade refrigeration systems. We have previously used R-22 as the high stage refrigerant. In Europe, R-22 is no longer acceptable in new equipment. By switching to NU-22, an accepted HFC alternative, we can stay with a single refrigerant for all areas of the world. We have found we can maintain our capillary sizes, greatly simplifying the changeover process. This also allows NU-22 to be used as a drop-in replacement in field service work.”

ICOR is also reporting a major increase in sales for NU-22 in the service industry. According to the company, there has been a large and somewhat unexpected response to the product from the commercial air conditioning and refrigeration service industry.

NU-22 is a patented refrigerant blend with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) that nearly duplicates the operating pressures and capacity of R-22.

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Publication date: 03/18/2002