The next time you hear someone say, “HVACR contractors aren’t tech savvy,” send them to Not only do they incorporate video into their well-designed Website, but they also communicate with some of their customers via video.

Mark Geiger, vice president of sales and marketing for Blackall Mechanical Inc. in Dallas, sent me one of those face-to-face videos to comment on my March 9 article, “Contractors Market With Social Media.” 

It was interesting to actually see Geiger and hear what he had to say about the applications his company is using to further its marketing reach. Social media territory may be new for the HVACR industry, but one social media facet, Facebook, has reached 200 million users and is continuing to grow. Its demographics are shifting some too. What began as a college-age phenomenon is showing exponential growth in the 35-54 age bracket and is becoming even more popular among women.

Geiger’s company uses Facebook to generate revenues by making online connections that eventually lead to solid referrals as well as providing a viral market effect. Sounds like an excellent place for just about any HVACR contractor to start finding potential customers.

Blackall is also using video to compete for customers’ valuable time. Be it video, Facebook, Twitter, or texting, let us know what you are doing or thinking about doing to enter the social media realm.

As Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize-winning scientist said, “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”

Check out Geiger’s video here: