Model Q32 Duc-Tester is designed for measuring duct leakage in residential and light commercial buildings. It can also be used to locate duct leaks and to measure the results of duct sealing. It will pressurize or depressurize a duct system, with the air handler off, from the main return grille or blower access opening. The rest of the register openings are taped shut. Duct pressure is measured by static probes in the supply ducts. Airflow is determined by reading flow directly from the digital gauge. No computer is required. Components of the unit are the DU220 Duc-Tester module, a fan unit with three flow ranges; the DM-2A digital gauge; and a 12-foot flex duct with flanges for mounting on the return register. This model can be used to verify duct leakage for compliance with codes such as the state of California's Title 24 standards.

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