The Building Performance Institute now offers certification in infiltration and duct leakage procedures.

Sometimes known as duct and envelope tightness, the institute says the certification is a way for HVAC sales technicians and HVAC ductwork fabrication workers to learn what is needed to offer duct leakage testing, blower door and other green HVAC services.

"The IDL (infiltration and duct leakage) certification fills a void in new home construction. New home builders now have an affordable alternative to traditional high-cost verification credentials for IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) compliance testing services," said BPI CEO Larry Zarker. "Knowing they can depend on trained and certified professionals is an important benefit to building code officials, builders and homeowners."

Passing the certification exam requires scoring at 85 percent or above on a field work test. No written exam is required.

Testing information is available by emailing