The Performer AC/1000 is a compact, all-aluminum service vehicle for HVAC and electrical contractors. The 12-foot body and the vehicle together have a gross weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds, so no special operator’s license or parkway road restrictions apply, the manufacturer states. According to the company, the unique mounting system and cab close-out panel separate the cab from the body, so when the chassis wears out, the body is remountable — no new body is required. Full-length rear swing-out doors offer access to full-length ladder and tubing racks, tools, shelves, and parts, and feature a two-point deadbolt lock system. The flexible shelving system yields over 120 linear feet of storage with 30 individual and infinitely adjustable shelves mounted on vertical racks, states the manufacturer. For small parts, there are 48 plastic pullout trays with dividers and label holders. Numerous options are available.

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