The 2007 Classic II enhanced service body features heavy-duty hidden door hinges with overlapping door construction. The galvannealed pressed diamond floor plate and tailgate inner panel has a rugged diamond panel surface, providing better traction in the cargo area and on the heavy-duty tailgate. The doors feature wider, automotive-grade rubber door seals; adjustable gas prop brackets; and lock striker reinforcement, which provides a wider range of adjustment for the door fit. The 2007 Classic II has an audible alarm system as part of the Latch-Matic wireless locking system, which is available with the C2-50 options package. The alarm system covers all compartments in addition to cargo areas on enclosed bodies. Other features include a removable stainless steel knee brace and redesigned top-opening Spacemaker lids with two props, new rotary catches, and push-button release. A cargo area light, which provides automatic lighting in the cargo bed area, is available with the C2-50 options package.

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